Our Clueless Government.

If you believe the blue tie spin is on the money you’ve got it right. It’s all about money and the working people of Australia are running a poor second.

No wonder this government was shocked to retain power as that was the last thing it wanted. Forecasters and our own banking regulators were predicting our economy is crashing and all this government could do is hold up its surplus flag as a badge of honour justifying keeping people not only in poverty on New Start but forcing people to have multiple jobs to survive and having the audacity to claim a 4 hour shift is a full time job.

Our nations reputation in the pacific region is in tatters as once our friendly neighbours realise the fact this government is the puppet of the mining and climate deniers and we cannot be depended on as we were in the past. We dropped the ball and China has marched on in endangering our sovereignty.

The sad fact is this government has no game plan when it comes to a recession other than blaming the trade union movement and our failing regional leadership which leads us to a situation similar to Trumps America on it’s downward spiral of isolationism.

It can’t manage a slowing world economy and its ideology won’t allow it by giving the lower demographics wage increases and living standard incentives which saved us from the last world economy crisis.

If and when the crunch comes this government will do its best to escape the situation it put us in by finding a conflict to support or another distraction and if America is involved we should be worried even more.

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