AAP Loss Endangers Democracy in Australia.

Ever since I could listen to a news broadcast and read a newspaper I was always taught to consider the source of the information. Propaganda thrives on the ignorant I was drilled even before I knew what the word meant.

Societies, democratic societies rely on competent ,reliable, credible journalists with no boundaries and such was AAP.

Old style foot and leather reporters hitting the courts ,parliament local cop shops grass root stuff that often gave a slant main stream either lost or were not allowed to print or say. They are to me the real engine room of news from across the world and to say that that service is being closed because it gives free news to competitors quite often news that News Limited won’t print anyway is totally against journalistic ethics where we the punters are the customers to balanced reporting.

It’s becoming quite obvious News think Australia is like America or want us to decide between left and right and those entities decide on what we see or hear and that will backfire as indicated by falling subscriptions across the world.

The attacks by them on the public broadcaster is clear indication that any view outside theirs is not valid, or slanted which makes me fearful when AAP is terminated.

No doubt the platforms are changing and I’m definitely not a journalist but over the years I have seen brilliant journalists evolve into respected go to people when truth and analysis is paramount and seeing 180 employees of different levels of expertise just disappear should be a concern to all who look for balance not Bullshit.


It’s Getting Just too Hard for Scotty from Marketing.

No doubt our country is going through a political identity crisis at the present and our political party’s don’t really know who their actual base is as they try to find a space that suits the current climate and suits their factional nemesis’s

Once the proud County Party now the Nationals used to represent the man on the land, the cocky,the producer, now its total focus is running a case for big coal and gas that rips the guts out of agricultural land, contaminates or irradiates underground water surrendering fertile country for the bag of fools gold.

They themselves have created a vacuum that the Greens and other groups with nowhere near the knowledge of the forefathers to fill, all self inflicted.

Amazing diatribe from Allan Jones about coal and climate denial yet the same man led the protest at Aplin against coal expansion. You have to ask who is paying the piper then conveniently forgets or hope we forget.

This country is crying out for leadership on important issues such as climate, mental health, economic certainty for business yet this government and its factions cannot decide what seat they sit in Canberra Parliament, what ideologies to have to suit days narrative, what we expect from Trumpsville but not in a thinking democracy.

If only we thought, listened and questioned more, and actually engaged we the punters could raise the bar if we choose.

Wayne Offer

Female Leaders needed to Bolster World Wide Intellectual Capacity.

As our nation has been battling for survival with extreme weather in the past months we need to be aware their are other factors that are just as important happening around the world we and our media need to be watching.

Last Friday night after Trump not America decided to assonate the Iranian military leader I watched the world reaction on as many news outlets I could to judge if WW3 was commencing. It may have already but my immediate concern is as in Iraq we will go Gung Ho as Howard did on the belief America had credible intelligence, something Trump lacks in many forms.

Looking at all the leaders in the world today I’m very sceptical of the ones who have the ability of analysis and comprehension in times of conflict and conflict management I troubled times.

I have voiced my opinion on Americas decision to elect Trump but that is their decision, but when that election effects my nation’s security I will call out his total lack of intellectual capability to pass the Wiggles test let alone run a world power. He is a laughing stock on the world stage, and retreats to his bunker tweeting things to keep away from the media reality scrutiny.

I appreciate Morrison is under the pump internally but his silence on this issue is more than concerning, and the media has dropped the ball on this issue to date.

England’s Johnson, Morrison and Trump as the Coalition of the Willing is not a good sleeping potion to any level headed observer and again I will state for world stability we need female leaders like Merkel, Adern, something the boys club just can’t or has the capacity to rise to.

Let’s Get the Gloves Off

Many of us punters we believe that politicians should be accountable, transparent, and have should work for the benefit of the nation regardless of what level. Of government they are elected..

I know I dreamin., but I have had a gut full of politicians refusing to answer questions on anything outside their spin doctors script. We no longer have men and women of character who shake cages inside of their tent.

We have journalists now that run away like scolded children that give up a line of questioning when they should pursue the issue harder and deeper for reasons possibly to do with owners or employers political associations.

So what it that doing to democracy? What is that doing to the credibility of the media profession and it’s role to keep the people informed with balanced reporting and research.?

Once they the media step away and play yes men and women we no longer have a democracy we have a duopoly of left and right proper gander which in fact would suit the ones who wish to have dictatorship over democracy.

This outlet runs its and shame section weekly on Court outcomings so isn’t it time we hold our politicians who refuse to answer questions and revert to blurbs of bull shit when asked simple questions we are entitled to know so that we can judge them and their government or wanna be government with some data. We are not fools and should expose them as overpaid parasite flunkies tied to their ideological peeing posts.

No wonder the youth are moving world wide afters seeing these buffoons perform like bullies in a sand pit.

Morrison Trump Marriage Toxic.

Like Marrage they say if you share the company of another person long enough you both become one of mind on various issues extending to even body language

That is a human habit can be seen since our PM has returned from Trumpsville Washington markedly in the foreign affairs, defence, social conscience, and right down to the weaponise the media making selective interviews and refusing to answer questions the people have a right to know.

I can’t imagine any PM taking a Spiritual Advisor who is under scrutiny expecting him to become part of a national delegation representing all Australians and then refusing to answer any questions when the hosts reject his attendance.

Secondly when the senior partner of a alliance abandons the people who fought alongside of our troops picks up his toys and goes home without notice, refuses to even question the action, which in fact opens the door to a resurgence and another mass extinction as long as it’s done humanly as his American mate describes, is accepted without question is inconceivable

What else on earth has our PM agreed to turn a blind eye to has to be asked and I’ll assure you he won’t answer.

We are at the early stage of Trump tactics of keeping the media away from any scrutiny and only releasing/ answering to friendly outlets, and that strategy was. Highlighted with the raids on journalists and silencing of whistle blowers.

The Trump doctorine is creeping in to our PM’s rhetoric and actions along with the baseball cap so we must call on our media and support them to call out, ask the hard questions without prejudice under the umbrella of true democracy and accountability of those in public office regardless of how high up they think they are.

Ideology Stymies Our Economy.

What’s the point of the Reserve Bank dropping the interest rate and the banks treating the exercise in contempt by not passing it on, and this government says naught.

Every month we go through this ritual that once guided our economy and industry and we have turned it into a platform of reasons to do absolutely nothing other than make excuses for our bad performance.

The simple fact is this government is not supposed to be in government and knew the economy was failing under them and wanted the opposition to inherit their debacle. That strategy failed and now they have no idea other than boast a surplus to get the economy going. Their ideology won’t allow it. Trickle down economics is a failure when there nothing to trickle as business hangs on to its money tighter than ever before as we move towards recession status.

The spin about making new jobs while the employment rate is climbing along with balancing the books with net national debt tripling defies common logic.

Keeping the masses on part time, casual is geared to getting rid of red tape where employers can minimise their responsibilities to super and holiday leave, long service by limiting the hours so those factors are minimal, hence struggle street has have 2 or more jobs to make a survive creating the working poor.

Our economy has stagnated with a government with no vision as the Reserve Banks action reflects, and my biggest fear is when governments run out of ideas internally they look to external triggers like Patriotism and conflict to divert attention away from their failings.

How good is That Scomo ?

We Move into Uncharted Waters..

Today the 25/09/2019 saw a change that may influence the way we think about our politics and leaders.

Boris Johnson was ruled against by the courts on his dissolution pf Parliament in England and making them return to sort out Brexit before the exit date or he goes to the polls.

Where the ball bounces their is so ambiguous, and civil disobedience is a option.

Greta Thunberg nailed the ruling class to the cross on climate and made old men in suits cringe about lack of action and Morrison did not attend the Climate Conference pre UN Meeting. He also sided with Trump over China Trade with will impact on our trade and relations domestically and internationally. We are on the verge of recession and this could push us over.

The Start of Impeachment was commenced by the Congress on Trump.

He also stated in the UN that globalisation is a Failure and the world must embrace Patriotism.

All 3 in my mind will resonate across the world and Trumps poking Iran into conflict as a distraction is not out of the question.

Domestically the Trump Base will mobilise in my view and we will witness open conflict in the American streets and Civil Disobedience verging on War is not out of the question.

Trump will have no issues if his people are injured our killed to keep office home or be it overseas.

I cant see an alternative Leader to replace Trump in the Opposition YET but Trumps VP is possibly more erratic than his boss in particularly social consciousness .

We are in unchartered waters..

That Rat is Smelling Stronger for the LNP.

Another media scramble, more accusations on political donations, and all we can hear is the sound of cash registers of the legal profession as loud as the F16 over West Ippy.

Like it or not the CCC in Queensland are doing a job of public transparency and shaking the trees of our elected or public appointees if they smell a rat, and rightly so, therefore I am completely astounded why this Federal Government is so dead against a Federal ICAC while the rest of Parliament see it as common sense..

Not often do you witness a political party under scrutiny itself call for greater powers to weed out corruption, fraud, or other offences at the highest level which begs the question of why this Federal Government wants to block it.

It fought doggedly against the Bank Enquiry, the investigation into Child Abuse in the Churches and other monumental cases all of which proved wrongdoing at the highest level and still would have been thriving if let be.

Yes that rat is smelling more and more the longer this government tries to delay its being and like all the other instances the chook will come home to roost.

Our Clueless Government.

If you believe the blue tie spin is on the money you’ve got it right. It’s all about money and the working people of Australia are running a poor second.

No wonder this government was shocked to retain power as that was the last thing it wanted. Forecasters and our own banking regulators were predicting our economy is crashing and all this government could do is hold up its surplus flag as a badge of honour justifying keeping people not only in poverty on New Start but forcing people to have multiple jobs to survive and having the audacity to claim a 4 hour shift is a full time job.

Our nations reputation in the pacific region is in tatters as once our friendly neighbours realise the fact this government is the puppet of the mining and climate deniers and we cannot be depended on as we were in the past. We dropped the ball and China has marched on in endangering our sovereignty.

The sad fact is this government has no game plan when it comes to a recession other than blaming the trade union movement and our failing regional leadership which leads us to a situation similar to Trumps America on it’s downward spiral of isolationism.

It can’t manage a slowing world economy and its ideology won’t allow it by giving the lower demographics wage increases and living standard incentives which saved us from the last world economy crisis.

If and when the crunch comes this government will do its best to escape the situation it put us in by finding a conflict to support or another distraction and if America is involved we should be worried even more.

Media and Public Servants under Attack.

Since the federal election one has to look at history to try and gather what is happening to Australian democracy. When this government entered office the first order of business was to raid union offices, and indite former Prime Ministers. That agenda continued although its leadership changed all with the knowledge of ministers and department heads and all in the name of transparency and in the end with little or no charges but millions of dollars of taxpayers money in the pockets of the legal profession.

Fast forward to the election they weren’t going to win, we find within a day boats arriving which we were told stopped, then even more boats we now know did come and public servants were forced to lie or conceal truth as the politicians blatantly lied about the situation.

We now know we have our parts of navy fleet on blocks for years because we can’t staff it. No public announce there but we have to man submarines somehow as we have committed billions on the never never.

The well managed economy spin has fallen over, the surplus evaporated, as the reserve bank has played is last card to try to kick start a economy, and if the trade war continues we will go into recession, and this government has no idea or plans how to get us out. Good luck with your franking credits but the public servants who knew the real truth are gaged.

But there’s more, these attacks on journalism are a direct result to silence or intimidate anybody who is a threat not to the country but to the government and it has made it clear in all cases it will use military style tactics to stamp out non complying journalists who protect whistleblowers and sources that could expose misdemeanours at all levels of security.

I can’t help thinking that this government set political land mines thinking they would embarrass a incoming government Hence the Chinese Warship surprise, but they are blowing up in their face daily and my real concern is if our ethical media is silenced and our public servants who know the truth are jackbooted out we will be no better that some banana republic under authoritarian rule.

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