Us Boomers are Overheads.

It seems being a Boomer has dragged this country it its present state of despair. Our actual existence is an overhead and we all have to get back out there and stop bludging g on the surplus.

This government puts a dollar value on every citizen, be it New Start, Child Support, DV support, NDIS, Nursing Home subsidy, and others and rules without any social conscious.

Yes there is an algorithm for all of us pensioners and now its about to be extended downward to the pending ageing population to keep them at the coalface till they drop, it’s cheaper.

Strange though looking at the retiring politicians, the decision makers always end up on advisory roles to supplement their obscene life long benefits from the leather seat.

Once succession planning provided the platform of our nations workforce with training via apprenticeships, tech colleges, and universities and every one of those organisations has been butchered by the government preferring a part time model where if you work a couple of hours you a regarded as employed creating working poor population which is never reported.

I have no issue for those who can and wish to continue working and age should be immaterial , but this fair whether government will expamnd algorithm benchmarking to cover their ideological incompetence driving this country towards recession.

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