This Pandemic has it’s Lessons

It’s widely agreed the coved-19 does not respect international boundaries or social statuses. Rich or poor it takes no prisoners however this pandemic has exposed the massive disparity between the demographics of our society.

It’s undeniable now our country’s working class is not what our Government spun when it come to employment figures particularly what it regarded as employed even if you only had a couple of hours daily or even weekly.

In the education debate we are seeing the recognition of underlying domestic issues long voiced by the voluntary non for profit organisations and either ignored or underfunded or both.

As we get deeper into this pandemic we will see our lower demographics, the homeless, the unprotected elderly, disabled living on the edge,and working poor some with no home to isolate will fall first without recognition of family or data counts.

This is not only a Australian issue, it’s a world wide issue.

Those people’s plight has come to light only because their situation effects the contamination rate that will spread to the rich and powerful regardless, a social leveller of deadly proportions.

Going forward this disease is not going away worldwide and even if contained is some countries it will be prevalent in the poorer nations for decades to come, so surely now is the time where look at our society in a light where people, all people count more than someone’s bank account. Outsourcing food and manufacturing has proven a flawed ideology and will be the test of any government who does not learn from this experience and steer a return to the neo liberalism free market economy. We cannot isolate ourselves but we must take control back to all Australians equally, as after this their will be a depressed economy and like our forefathers after the wars we all must stand together as a country not a company.

Wayne Offer

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