Our Socceroos in Age Care Culture

Well the question all of us old players and coaches and supporters is “How Many Times do we Have TO FAIL before we clean out the cupboard of the Nepotistic INBred Culture of Australian Football” ???

Every World Cup campaign we get the lets try and make the last 16, and now we were back to Shit we may not even get to the next round..

Oh sorry, Im not the greatest credentialed voice but I have a some experience of coaching with Internationals both men and women and make no claims of contributing to their success.

So, lets look at our present squad and we’ll find that their applications for redundancy have been deferred with a age profile of 27.9 years relying on 17 players who play overseas and the rest from our A League which is a rest home for players who cannot get a contract overseas but keep the youth out from that level and out of the national light.

NO PROBLEM HERE they say we’re lifting the standard and the all important old boys cartel taking the pay cheques even when they are strolling their stuff in 3rd gear there in a no promotion or relegation league and their jobs safe until they retire on their terms. The youth can wait their turn fully supported as if it was their superannuation right.

Our youngest national player ONE OFF is 20 in 2022 campaign so add 4 years till the next cup and our present team the majority will be up for filling more spots in the nursing home of A league …

Sorry again I’m being over critical here NO IM NOT. IT has to be questioned, as our game could be much better and we owe it to our youth.

So our coaching culture was well and truly on show against Oman with our national coach turning our looking like he’d been on the piss and slept in his clothes, making a mistake and putting his pumps on instead of the 6 plugger thongs.

What a total disgrace and dissrespect to our National Emblem but NONE of the Cartel thought enough about it to comment.

That Just Demonstrates the Culture of Cover My Arse and I’ll Cover Yours” that exists across the code and the media apologists so they can gain the keys to the inner sanctum.

No Problem Here, and if their is any rumours of bringing in a coaching team totally independent from a successful country that has performed on the world stage into the country a media campaign will be launched to discredit the appointed…


Yes I believe we have a corrupted institution that needs a root and branch clean out for the sake of every single kid in our nation with dreams of putting on the gold strip.

WE owe them that and the Women’s game too should not be left out of a health check.

And by the way our assistant coach from The Netherlands appeared and who knows how his appointment was advertised or confirmed? I’ll stand corrected but its the first I’ve seen him on the payroll. ?????

Look their is no easy answer from this situation we have found our self in,but to gain we have to have pain,and we must start and look at a 8 year plan to qualify and make us a solid respected world contender and to do that it must start at genuine path roads with a culture at the top that after every World Cup every position is declared vacant, no reputations or backdoor deals applying, with a national approach looking at least 4 to 6 year in advance. Strong emphasis on the 16 to 19 year old international competitions PRIORITISED and funded comprehensively and until that pathway is cemented into an entry point including those who have secured contracts overseas within the Under 22 limit.

Yes until they build and have continual feeder opportunities we will get belted but if we embrace overseas experience our road not as rough.

I have one other issue that some will find uncomfortable but for too long our game has been based modelled on the English version of success and we must embrace the full European Football phycology inclusion fan wise and not ownership via the money launderers that destroy grass root say in management otherwise all efforts of bottom up growth will never eventuate and will be stymied by the Football Mafia of billionaires.

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