The Vegan Dilemma

Many of us in our youth took to the streets if we felt civil protest was the only way to change governments or  Legislative powers for the good of living conditions of our fellow workers or democratic rights were challenged. 
The vegan protest philosophies  however, do not fall into that category in my view and are based on core beliefs on how humans should exist today compared on how we got here over evolution. 
To be clear from the onset I am not and never will accept animal cruelty, but we have to accept the fact  the food chain exists and right down to the basic kitchen gecko chasing mosquitos to lions chasing gazelle we humans come from  carnivores and changing that will never happen, but like all beliefs be it spiritual,  political, or society changing we are entitled to have them, even live by them , but we are not entitled to force them upon others in their own homes. 
I feel invaded when people turn up wanting to convert me to their beliefs as do many, but that does not stop the right of those people holding them but forcing them by invasion is not the way to go. 
I feel deeply in  todays world animal experiments should be a thing of the past, our science should have expanded past that age, but we cannot change the way we evolved, agreed not pretty in places but to be brutally honest we as humans do much more damage to each other in daily life physically and mentally on this planet than we do to when we take to survive and maybe that’s where our own back yard would be a good place to start to clean up first. 

Companions are Companions Regardless

The importance of companion animals to the disabled cannot be overstated , regardless of the disability. Unfortunately though the category of “companion animal” is a very specific category which is extended to dogs and cats while other species are exempt, therefore cannot be taken into public places with the same freedoms. 

People confined indoors due to disability physical or mental health often can only afford smaller species like parrots, birds, and even reptiles which enrich their day to day existence are challenged sometimes by the uneducated or the over officious when they choose to bring their bonded pride and joy into public view which then send them further into darker places. 

Questions of how these pets can be given equal status after the appropriate medical benchmarks of dependability are met were directed to government and was responded with legislative changes would have to go through court at the applicants expense. Not a appropriate response from someone in the disability profession I would have thought, but probably factual. 

I’m certain their are many disabled with mini pets would venture out more often and life style enhanced if their soul mates were accepted as is our loved furry four legged kids.

Animal Therapy Wins

Well its been a while, 7 weeks in fact since Francis the new hip was installed, lost my best mate Ebony to a Tuma but the world goes on.
In my book after I lost my girl I had to focus on recovery and to create milestones slowly to get your life back to normal.
Having family to assist is half the battle and relieving them of their commitment to my cause was pleasing knowing my reliability on them way diminishing daily..
During that period Ebony’s loss was always a reminder and we soon had to make a decision on weather or when we go out and start searching for a puppy and letting go.
Being in the older age bracket as well, considerations had to be made about what sort to companion we wanted taking into consideration our home, location and security.
The latter was never a problem with Ebony. Great Dane Ridgeback was enough to deter many a salesman let alone a person who wanted to take her on and the 410.
Mind you nothing in our house is worth much to any robber as sentiment is rarely transferable, but then again the grubs these days just don’t care.
So we came to a decision, a full Rhodesian Ridgeback and what a decision that was.
Forgot about all the little things that come with a young dog. The slippers, puddles, whoopseys, shoes, sleep, just like a new grandkid. And it is as we not have one.
Anyway while all this is going on my body was getting stronger but chasing her from out of the paddock was out of the question so when we decided to ignore a instruction we came to a altercation we had to have when you have 2 strong minded individuals, there would be only one winner.
I think it was me… Not sure but I won the round anyway on points.
Any way it now a ongoing learning curve for all of us testing boundaries to achieve good results a
is my therapy of getting back to my normal life so its working for both of us.
Yes, never been without a dog for any length of time and what I have read people with pets live longer than those without,and I can see why.
They keep their mouths shut when you tell them secrets, humans rarely can..


My Unconditional Mate

Well it’s 11 days since my new hip nick named “Francis”as it was installed the same time as the Pope, and things are moving along quite well.
Slowly the body is allowing me to progress movement with diminishing help from medication, and after you can actually feel the strength returning.
One thing that is really worth mentioning is the behaviour of my “dog” or probably better referred to as my best mate.
On arrival home from hospital she knew something was amiss and stood back for about 30 minutes observing my new body language and movements on crutches.
After she was comfortable she then approached me with caution not to lean or pressure the right side of the body and just let you know she was around.
When settled I called her and she sat down beside me in the chair and just leaned ever so lightly and gave me a lick on face.
Being Great Dane Ridgeback Cross that was not a big deal, as when seated she can nearly look eye to eye, and since then she has accompanied me regardless making sure she is out of the way yet present.
I have always had a dog in my life, and would be lost when not having one. All reasonably smart in their own way, all with unconditional love to our family.
This one Ebbs is exceptional in as I have had many terriers, Ebony seems to have a knowledge of how moods change in her Pack she sees as Me, the Wife and Her.
When you are in recovery mode you do spend the little extra time you have to observe what you really have, a break to our life routine developed from repetition, and time to take stock on what we should prioritise in the future.


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