My Unconditional Mate

Well it’s 11 days since my new hip nick named “Francis”as it was installed the same time as the Pope, and things are moving along quite well.
Slowly the body is allowing me to progress movement with diminishing help from medication, and after you can actually feel the strength returning.
One thing that is really worth mentioning is the behaviour of my “dog” or probably better referred to as my best mate.
On arrival home from hospital she knew something was amiss and stood back for about 30 minutes observing my new body language and movements on crutches.
After she was comfortable she then approached me with caution not to lean or pressure the right side of the body and just let you know she was around.
When settled I called her and she sat down beside me in the chair and just leaned ever so lightly and gave me a lick on face.
Being Great Dane Ridgeback Cross that was not a big deal, as when seated she can nearly look eye to eye, and since then she has accompanied me regardless making sure she is out of the way yet present.
I have always had a dog in my life, and would be lost when not having one. All reasonably smart in their own way, all with unconditional love to our family.
This one Ebbs is exceptional in as I have had many terriers, Ebony seems to have a knowledge of how moods change in her Pack she sees as Me, the Wife and Her.
When you are in recovery mode you do spend the little extra time you have to observe what you really have, a break to our life routine developed from repetition, and time to take stock on what we should prioritise in the future.


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