Companions are Companions Regardless

The importance of companion animals to the disabled cannot be overstated , regardless of the disability. Unfortunately though the category of “companion animal” is a very specific category which is extended to dogs and cats while other species are exempt, therefore cannot be taken into public places with the same freedoms. 

People confined indoors due to disability physical or mental health often can only afford smaller species like parrots, birds, and even reptiles which enrich their day to day existence are challenged sometimes by the uneducated or the over officious when they choose to bring their bonded pride and joy into public view which then send them further into darker places. 

Questions of how these pets can be given equal status after the appropriate medical benchmarks of dependability are met were directed to government and was responded with legislative changes would have to go through court at the applicants expense. Not a appropriate response from someone in the disability profession I would have thought, but probably factual. 

I’m certain their are many disabled with mini pets would venture out more often and life style enhanced if their soul mates were accepted as is our loved furry four legged kids.

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