Expendable Me.

As we speak some we have we are informed that thousands of Victorians are refusing to be tested for COVID-19 believing the conspiracy I won’t repeat because of utterly ridiculous theories beyond belief.

This culture of stupidity will spread the virus intentionally and me being in the vulnerable age group and having “other” issues will die if I contact the disease, full stop.

But it’s not only those in Victoria or NSW or anywhere in fact it’s our political hawks who have decided the virus is now part of our life we are going to have to live with and may as well just open up and get on with making our economy great again, and it’s up to you to survive, and in the right age group.

At the front end of this crisis we were told it’s the elderly and those compromised with health issues will be in the most vulnerable, that warning has been conveniently forgotten by our Prime Minister as he continues to play his smirking game of wedge politics with the state leaders to get his silver tail mates back in favour.

We oldies are now collateral damage to the capitalistic ambitions of the LNP and should just concede we have had our time run our race and die for the country’s well being, to keep the businesses back making profits.

One thing is for sure, we will go first unless we stay in hibernation forever, so we have to accept that fact and maybe the herd immunity theory, similar to the conspiracy theories will keep the younger population eventually protected after a significant genocidal experiment in the name of economic prosperity.

Yes there is a solution but I thought we were a intelligent race here in Australia but the Victorians are revealing we suffer from “Fuckwittery” at a level that could be just as contagious as COVID-19 amongst the population that cannot come to terms of for once in their lives they are not in control, and maybe we could just get all of the dumb arses parked up together and see if their theories are correct and it’s only them it effects.

They wouldn’t last a week before they,d have another conspiracy about the conspiracy.

It’s Getting Just too Hard for Scotty from Marketing.

No doubt our country is going through a political identity crisis at the present and our political party’s don’t really know who their actual base is as they try to find a space that suits the current climate and suits their factional nemesis’s

Once the proud County Party now the Nationals used to represent the man on the land, the cocky,the producer, now its total focus is running a case for big coal and gas that rips the guts out of agricultural land, contaminates or irradiates underground water surrendering fertile country for the bag of fools gold.

They themselves have created a vacuum that the Greens and other groups with nowhere near the knowledge of the forefathers to fill, all self inflicted.

Amazing diatribe from Allan Jones about coal and climate denial yet the same man led the protest at Aplin against coal expansion. You have to ask who is paying the piper then conveniently forgets or hope we forget.

This country is crying out for leadership on important issues such as climate, mental health, economic certainty for business yet this government and its factions cannot decide what seat they sit in Canberra Parliament, what ideologies to have to suit days narrative, what we expect from Trumpsville but not in a thinking democracy.

If only we thought, listened and questioned more, and actually engaged we the punters could raise the bar if we choose.

Wayne Offer

Our Working Poor Does not Fit Scotty From Marketing’s Model.

It’s rude to eves drop. It’s probably unethical to write about it but this is a story that needs to be told.

While shopping in a major chain complex i inadvertently overheard two employees discussing if one had received a email from management re a issue. A negative reply then the conversation expanded into why the email was generated as one employee dared to question a manager.

The end result was that employee lost hours, and then the fear of that happening to them fully revealed how we allowed our people be manipulated as throw away human beings.

When loosing one hour is the difference of having a roof or on the streets for a family it becomes inconceivable to some who live in the land what we regard normal Australians.

These people are the working poor and in some cases destitute. They have pride and often present well clothed from charitable outlets or in uniforms and the only thing they have to trade is their labour and when your that low in the labour chain you are expendable and the ruthless employers prey on that vulnerability.

My initial thoughts was seek union advice but this contract society has taken away that safety net, and keep in mind millions of these are officially employed although they may only have 4 hours or less and do not appear on national un employment data, and then we wonder why our crime rate continues to rise as people struggle between New Start and manipulating employers of survive but when it gets down to feeding your kids or loved ones people resort to desperate measures, filling our courts and costing the community billions in enforcement.

Scotty from Marketing’s “have a go get a go” slogan does not apply to this level as his rejection of New Start increase is rejected and big business gets tax breaks about sums up the care factor to raise the living standards of all Australians not just the Silent Ones.

Wayne Offer

Our Nation Sinks as Struggle Street Grows.

Since my arrival in the Ipswich area I’ve never seen our society so poor. Maybe I move in different circles than some to notice this but reports I’m getting are more than disturbing.

Organisations like Rosies, Goodna Street Street Life and many others are at the coalface of our demise and seeing people pleading for work as in qt edition today is not now uncommon., as it’s not only the homeless in strife but we are witnessing people struggling to do what they see the right thing by their kids schooling in food barns. Turf wars have broken out with people doing roadside recyclable pick ups, and I’ll leave it to the police data to reveal how older aged people are now becoming easy targets for theft.

Ipswich is not alone with this issue, Toowoomba, Dalby and other smaller towns the problem cannot be hidden anymore, probably magnified by the drought, yet this Federal Government is in denial that real jobs are required and convinced that keeping the masses on part time or short term employment makes builds the economy and profits. This surplus ideology is failing as we speak, the nation is suffering as a result and it doesn’t care.or does not have the ability to turn a economy around. by the bottom up.

I am assure you until we address our struggle street in this town our retailers will struggle and so on up the chain and our history has proven that time and time again.

From Baby Boomer to the Social Elite?

For us early risers it was a pleasure to get up every morning and turn on the radio and get the world news on our much loved ABC and discuss how lucky we were not to be where the nastiest things were happening in the world.

Today I’m more hesitant to even turn on the radio or tv as daily reports of crime, death by guns, knives, gangs, abductions, domestic violence and child abuse, racial hatred pouring out of the electronics, and we have to ask ourselves why or what have we let our society get to this state in Australia.

After the election I’m in the category of the self interested/ money hoarding baby boomer who only cares about me and my immediate family and the franking credits. Me not I assure you, but obviously many are and the reason we got to where we are is we were fortunate to have governments that saw things like superannuation, health care, 9 day fortnight’s, annual leave loading, employment, pension, and many other perks today we take for granted.

Our society was based on helping up those who were less fortunate, ie. returned war service personnel, TPI’s, widowed women and families all of us in the same boat struggling to get their families a feed let alone a house or property, that come later with the housing commission, another social incentive to get us established.

We were blessed wen we look back, no money but things were simple and we made sure our kids got it easier.

Today we have a greedy society all about “ME”. And we look down on people who’s demographic we were. They now born into poverty have a really tough time getting out and crime becomes a choice, never or rarely thought of back then but for some the only salvation to survive.

Increasing jails, fines are fruitless until we can get the social injustices addressed if not everyone will be living in gated communities scared to take your kids to the park or beach.

This idea of this government of giving only the ones who “have a go” help and thinking the ones on New Start or no start will look after themselves or die is actually playing out in our streets daily.

Looking back we got it pretty right in the early part then we forgot from where we come and must ask ourselves where we got it so wrong, and my answer is when greed outweighed our social responsibility.

Let’s Get Apprentices Earlier

Discussion Paper. Subject Apprenticeships

As a kid who left school in Junior level, that is 15 years or about’s and started a trade in the January of 1966 I was a naive, scared, and totally oblivious to anything other than not upsetting anyone in my workspace.

Plucked from the schoolroom I knew nothing about life skills other than those I had learned on the sporting grounds and family discipline.

Looking back that was not a bad thing as I listened and consumed everything my Master, my Tradesman, and technical teachers imparted sometimes to the letter.

Being a kid in a mans world can be confronting but as you mature you you learn quickly how the world really works.

My Boilermaking trade at the Shipyard and Kangaroo Point gave me a understanding of other cultures, customs, from all walks of life as it was within walking distance from Yungabah Hostel a entry point to migrants to Australia and often a job for those men and women starting a new or escaping their past.

My eyes and ears were open to their experiences, expectations, good and bad from their homelands and often was privileged to their cultural traditions, broadening my education in life.

All this was happening before I was old enough to get a car licence at 17, have a beer legally at 21, or go to war at 19.

I was lucky but the system was such that when you are at a age, naive or not you can start to shape a personal profile of experience where maturity comes a dam site earlier that today’s youth.

Today kids are encourage to stay in the school system even though they may not be suited. In school apprenticeships have pluses and minuses but basically protect the kid from reality of the real workforce where it’s get to work yourself and learn your trade, please your Master and employer.

That position of Master has been disposed of as he or she was totally responsible to ensure the apprentice was not exploited, learned ever aspect of his trade, and respected his superiors status.

Yes my Master was not backward of putting a smart arse on his arse with a backhander or straight left if you misbehaved, and was supported by the union rep if it was warranted.

Imagine that today!! Mummy and Daddy delirious with uproar for someone doing what they should have done earlier in childhood.

Apprenticeship today on a 4 year time delivers 22 to 24 year olds specifically trained only on what phase of the trade they have been in contact. Often employers see cheap labour till they get too expensive then flick them, and the system allows that, where before employers and the boards were legally bound to find a apprentice a job at his or her level if the firm went broke.

Some 4th year apprentices can be married with kids and expected to live on those wages, no wonder they are leaving.

Mid life apprenticeship are a result of the system not doing its job earlier, selling the trades, and paying the wages. Yes the Unions must share the blame proportional but the fact the culture of subcontractors has destroyed the standards of all trades for the magic dollar.

I know a few tradesmen that have kept their contract and turned out magnificent tradesmen, fully equiped and experienced to handle any job set before them but sadly on completion they must expand their knowledge and move on.

This often causes bad blood as often they will go out in opposition to their former boss.

In my case on completion I was handed my indentures and told to move on or get sacked and would be welcomed back after about 3-4 years somewhere else.

I did, moved to structural steel and finally left the trade about 8 years later.

Cutting to the chase what I’m saying is we need to get potential apprentices early, when they can absorb everything, in a environment and culture where they see they can have a future, and prepared to cop a little pain early in the game to reap the benefit on completion.

We need to have manufacturing industries and start building things here, as it’s cheaper in the long run to have them paying tax, buying stuff than keeping them on the dole or in part time farcical jobs that make the working poor poorer.

The crunch is coming and believe me infrastructure will be our way out and the shiney arses will be the first casualty.

One Law Stands on Citizenship. 

 Watching the high court decision fall on the politicians who broke the law, therefore claimed false wages and conditions and wondered if they were just average employees or dare I say trade unionists or Centrelink recipients would this government have commenced recovery proceedings if not fraud charges before the end of the day. Some surrendered while others denied to the death and hoped. 

Genuine mistakes, ignorance, poor research or blame mummy and daddy all excuses that are used daily by kids in primary school.

The facts are these people were paid by us to do a job they were not qualified to do. Made decisions they were not legally qualified to do, and if they were tradesmen or professionals they would be charged accordingly.

So the test is will common law, the law that applies to normal everyday Australians be applied to those who see themselves exempt due to the fact their political party failed to comply on accepting their nominations.?

Will they charge the law or introduce a whoopsie legislation only for them?

They didn’t do it when they cut health cards and chased alleged overpayments for the Centrelink, in many cases that was proved governments computer interfacing errors, but that’s a different class of people in our society isn’t it ? 

One law for all and no get out of jail free cards please. 

Mummy and Daddy wear Politicians Stupidity. 

So it was Mummy or Daddy didn’t tell me. I thought that excuse expired when SHANE Warne’s mummy was blamed. No we are not talking about children!Whenever you nominate for any candidacy you tick the box on Australian Citizenship, but when your caught out its, “I didn’t know”,and off to the courts keeping your leather seat and your six figure pay cheques until the decision falls.

That privilege does not apply to everyone as the same people championed the Centrelink payments recovery where the lower demographic lost their livelihood first, then had to prove their paperwork was in order. No appeal to courts for them, they were guilty until proven innocent by a public servant.

This is a clear case of the higher you are in the social standings bringing concessions that don’t apply to all Australians and it would be interesting to see if the recovery of public money will be pursued as vigorously as was the Centrelink people who did not tick their right box. 

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