Mummy and Daddy wear Politicians Stupidity. 

So it was Mummy or Daddy didn’t tell me. I thought that excuse expired when SHANE Warne’s mummy was blamed. No we are not talking about children!Whenever you nominate for any candidacy you tick the box on Australian Citizenship, but when your caught out its, “I didn’t know”,and off to the courts keeping your leather seat and your six figure pay cheques until the decision falls.

That privilege does not apply to everyone as the same people championed the Centrelink payments recovery where the lower demographic lost their livelihood first, then had to prove their paperwork was in order. No appeal to courts for them, they were guilty until proven innocent by a public servant.

This is a clear case of the higher you are in the social standings bringing concessions that don’t apply to all Australians and it would be interesting to see if the recovery of public money will be pursued as vigorously as was the Centrelink people who did not tick their right box. 

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