Murdock Butchers our Local Newspapers

For those who are not so News aware the Murdock Press has made the decision to cease all hard copy news papers to the regional and country areas across Australia and go digital.

This action in effect sends the little and older generations into news darkness as many have no IT or basic computer knowledge.

This may have been self inflicted by some granted as they refused to grow with the times and others unable to grow due to educational limits.

With all that’s said, the facts are people will loose the fabric that binds smaller communities together, a lifestyle that is incomprehensible to the self centred generations living their little boxes with make believe acquaintances online, many unable to communicate face or face let alone read and comprehend a news article.

A bit savage you may think? Yes but truthful and if you need proof, spend a hour or two on a polling booth and see humanity in its raw form doing something that should effect their lives and their family’s.

You will be amazed at the ignorance not only of the political systems but of general manners expected of a human being.

That said as true to form as you can get from Murdock the said they’d keep regional and small papers on takeover from APN and they lied, nothing new again from these bottom feeders of toxic text, and they will expect you to buy the Courier Mail if you want a hands on paper which in fact is nothing more than a LNP newsletter as I have stated many times and subedited out or simply consigned to the junk mail.

Truth and Murdock should never be put in the same sentence, as you now know from their actions.

In my case my editorial days may be limited as many times before my View does not sit with the owners ideology and I have been extremely lucky to have a editor who still feels balanced reporting is a key factor in a democracy, but like the QT she too is moving and many of the contributors may join me in the junk mail due to our views clashing with the owners ideology also.

That’s life but it does not help those who have been thrown into darkness, those businesses who’s adds were accessible freely will not have a presence of picking up a paper, the sporting body who wants any press to help them survive, the cocky who wants the cattle prices, the auctioneer, the church, the garage sale, and you can go on all gone to the iPad or smart phone of the fortunate.

To be honest I’m looking at community radio as a service, not a competitive entity but NFP (non for profit) organisation and any other media stream APP to try and compensate the losses, and any ideas please fill in at the bottom of this blog. Also Periscope the live App has been mentioned.

And I cannot close without mentioning the silence of the Hanson’s, the Katters, the Nationals all supposed to represent country people but obviously terrified to upset their puppet master Murdock, their absolute silence says why we as a nation need to govern ourselves for ourselves not run the agenda of a non tax paying overseas jerk , but not one of the conservatives have the guts to call him out. Political Harlots. All looking for that headline from Rupert.

It’s Getting Just too Hard for Scotty from Marketing.

No doubt our country is going through a political identity crisis at the present and our political party’s don’t really know who their actual base is as they try to find a space that suits the current climate and suits their factional nemesis’s

Once the proud County Party now the Nationals used to represent the man on the land, the cocky,the producer, now its total focus is running a case for big coal and gas that rips the guts out of agricultural land, contaminates or irradiates underground water surrendering fertile country for the bag of fools gold.

They themselves have created a vacuum that the Greens and other groups with nowhere near the knowledge of the forefathers to fill, all self inflicted.

Amazing diatribe from Allan Jones about coal and climate denial yet the same man led the protest at Aplin against coal expansion. You have to ask who is paying the piper then conveniently forgets or hope we forget.

This country is crying out for leadership on important issues such as climate, mental health, economic certainty for business yet this government and its factions cannot decide what seat they sit in Canberra Parliament, what ideologies to have to suit days narrative, what we expect from Trumpsville but not in a thinking democracy.

If only we thought, listened and questioned more, and actually engaged we the punters could raise the bar if we choose.

Wayne Offer

Greta Thunberg Like Bernie Banton Stands Her Ground.

It must be a pretty big thing to have the President of the United States to fly 4 thousand Kilometres to have a lash at a young teenager. Probably a bit of diversion politics from home issues but this trend to attack the young climate messenger across all media platforms is actually building the case and growing the support no matter of how many of the climate deniers propaganda portray her disability, age, school level, or intelligence.

Its a hard road if you choose to take on an issue that establishment see their status quo challenged, however without those who choose to step up always face the wrath of quite often personal attacks over a debate on fact.

Personally me and many others have to thank our real warrior Bernie Banton who’s fight against politicians. Lobbyists, shareholders and the greater business sector who suffered the same wrath that Thunberg is copping today and that fight is still ongoing across the world as politicians deny or covered up to appease their donors and launched into personal attacks as a means to deflect responsibility.

Be sure this kid ain’t going nowhere and while the men in suits go into palpitations every time they see her one thing is certain,

we had our chance and blew it when this issue first arose back in the 80’s and 90’s and that’s a fact no one can deny.

Wayne Offer

Troy Wright Article FYI. Via Facebook.

This is the post I had hoped I would never have to make, but in the face of blatantly untrue commentary in the media, I feel we have to correct the record.

The current fire emergency on the NSW South Coast is unprecedented in both its scale and its severity. At the time of writing almost 400 homes have been lost in the last few days and worse still, seven lives. Entire towns have been leveled and communities are being evacuated. Fauna and flora has been wiped out at levels never previously imaginable and potentially rendering some species extinct. And it is nowhere close to ending.

There has been a lot of arguably premature and distasteful finger pointing about the causes and prevention of this crisis. Those with a right wing agenda to prosecute have blamed “green tape” and without foundation, some sort of conspiracy by environmental groups to ban hazard reduction, notwithstanding they hold no political power to actually do so.

Hazard reduction in NSW over the last year has been close to normal levels but clearly has been insufficient.
there are two reasons why. The first is the conditions in the field, where faced with warmer and drier weather as part of an ongoing drought, hazard reduction is not always possible. Those that call for an unregulated approach for private land owners to burn their properties as they see fit ignore one inconvenient fact – 87% of fires are man-made…being 40% by deliberate arson and the other 47% by accident. An attempt by a land owner to mitigate a risk on their own property can often result in a threat to many others if not properly managed.

The second reason hazard reduction may have not been carried out is one entirely within the Berejiklian Government’s control – resourcing. In 2017 the then Office of Environment and Heritage restructured the NPWS from 37 areas across the State to 8 regions. In doing so they removed $121 million from the NPWS budget and redesigned or cut more than 700 positions. Included in these were Rangers and Fire Management Officers (FMOs) – the very staff responsible for both hazard reduction and fire management and fighting in national parks.

The Public Service Association as the union for workers in NPWS held a rally in Bega on 24 November 2017 to air the concerns that these cuts would make local parks unmanageable. Below is a link to local media covering the rally. Our calls to reverse the cuts were ignored by the local member Andrew Constance MP and the then responsible Minister, Gabrielle Upton MP. On the day I recall meeting the local FMO who with twenty years experience and local knowledge, had been told he was no longer required.

The reversal of these cuts may or may not have improved the current situation. The fires are of such ferocity now that it appears nothing short of divine intervention would stop them. But we know these petty and ill considered job cuts have not assisted. The roles that were lost may have had a preventative effect in being able to snuff out fires earlier deep in national parks through strategically planned intervention based on detailed local knowledge before they became the raging infernos they are now. The question also should be asked not why cuts were made but why, when facing some of the driest conditions ever experienced in the State’s history over the last few years, that increases to relevant agencies such as NPWS, Fire and Rescue NSW, RFS and the Forestry Corporation were not made.

As part of a civil society we pay taxes first and foremost to be kept safe. There is no greater or more fundamental responsibility of government. If a government cannot be trusted to carry out this role then it must be indicative of not just misplaced priorities but a total lack of sense of duty to its citizens.

Our thoughts and efforts at this time must be with those on the front line and those facing what are for many of us unimaginable terror. But when the imminent dangers subside we must remember these dark days and hold those responsible by their neglect to account.

Trust and Truth are Targets of the Skeptics.

Regardless of what the skeptics would have you believe our nation is is experiencing a apoplectic event never seen in this countries lifetime, that is ever since white mans presence.

For those of us that are exposed to social media we have seen photoshopped newspapers, photos, data that was impossible to collate at the time due to uninvented technology trotted out as fact designed to influence the unsuspecting public not attuned or caring to partake in public debate period.

It’s said Truth is the first casualty in any war or dispute, and might I add trust to that casualty list.

Taking away trust in areas such as science, medicine, technological gathered data is the task set by those who feel that information will have a monetary effect on their support base only not humanity as a whole.

We as a human race have advanced with the help of evolving technology, from the stone axe head to a iPhone some good some bad, but in laymen’s terms, we embraced the transitions although some chose to remain in the past.

Their choice, but trying to discredit fact via fabrication puts trust and all those who have dedicated their lives challenging theories, scientific outcomes, medical tests as part of proof testing before public release in a position of some sort of blame if the data doesn’t suit your ideology.

The simple fact is now we are experiencing the science we chose to ignore and are paying the price not only here but world wide.

Climate Change Scares off the Autocrats

Born in 1950, I’ve seen how we have progressed from science, medically, industrially, socially, and seen how our standard of living progress at the speed of light.

I’ve been blessed having leaders the standard of Whitlam, Frazer, Killen, Daily, and many others not necessarily of my political beliefs but people with leadership qualities, so when I hear or read old men such as me run away from the hard questions the young or younger ask , then take up the autocratic pose when the hard truth are spoken it a attempt to bully, it goes against the standards we were taught in our youth. That’s what separates Australians from the rest,

So when I see the present so called political leaders refuse or run from answering questions on causes real life tragedies like the fires that are devastating our country, or other weather events totalling dodging the elephant (Climate) and highlighting on what they are doing for the “result”not the “cause” then and throw in a few biblical quotes for affect.

We’ve seen this strategy played out hundreds of times in America after a gun massacre and no one is allowed to question the cause at the time as they regard it disrespectful to the dead or injured and its duly forgotten till the next blood bath and the politicians cower down to the interest groups who give them their leather seats

Well this time it’s changed I reckon. The youth in this country will not be conned by the corrupt establishment any more, and nor will the media. Proactive instead of reactive action is the order not the request and if it’s too hard for those on office they will be removed as the ground rules have changed, and the more governments try to oppress or dismiss the bigger the push becomes.

Yes “the times they are a changing”as Dylan wrote and its the political parasites who have to move over and leave it to the real leaders who care about the people not conglomerates.

Our Nation Sinks as Struggle Street Grows.

Since my arrival in the Ipswich area I’ve never seen our society so poor. Maybe I move in different circles than some to notice this but reports I’m getting are more than disturbing.

Organisations like Rosies, Goodna Street Street Life and many others are at the coalface of our demise and seeing people pleading for work as in qt edition today is not now uncommon., as it’s not only the homeless in strife but we are witnessing people struggling to do what they see the right thing by their kids schooling in food barns. Turf wars have broken out with people doing roadside recyclable pick ups, and I’ll leave it to the police data to reveal how older aged people are now becoming easy targets for theft.

Ipswich is not alone with this issue, Toowoomba, Dalby and other smaller towns the problem cannot be hidden anymore, probably magnified by the drought, yet this Federal Government is in denial that real jobs are required and convinced that keeping the masses on part time or short term employment makes builds the economy and profits. This surplus ideology is failing as we speak, the nation is suffering as a result and it doesn’t care.or does not have the ability to turn a economy around. by the bottom up.

I am assure you until we address our struggle street in this town our retailers will struggle and so on up the chain and our history has proven that time and time again.

Morrison Trump Marriage Toxic.

Like Marrage they say if you share the company of another person long enough you both become one of mind on various issues extending to even body language

That is a human habit can be seen since our PM has returned from Trumpsville Washington markedly in the foreign affairs, defence, social conscience, and right down to the weaponise the media making selective interviews and refusing to answer questions the people have a right to know.

I can’t imagine any PM taking a Spiritual Advisor who is under scrutiny expecting him to become part of a national delegation representing all Australians and then refusing to answer any questions when the hosts reject his attendance.

Secondly when the senior partner of a alliance abandons the people who fought alongside of our troops picks up his toys and goes home without notice, refuses to even question the action, which in fact opens the door to a resurgence and another mass extinction as long as it’s done humanly as his American mate describes, is accepted without question is inconceivable

What else on earth has our PM agreed to turn a blind eye to has to be asked and I’ll assure you he won’t answer.

We are at the early stage of Trump tactics of keeping the media away from any scrutiny and only releasing/ answering to friendly outlets, and that strategy was. Highlighted with the raids on journalists and silencing of whistle blowers.

The Trump doctorine is creeping in to our PM’s rhetoric and actions along with the baseball cap so we must call on our media and support them to call out, ask the hard questions without prejudice under the umbrella of true democracy and accountability of those in public office regardless of how high up they think they are.

Ideology Stymies Our Economy.

What’s the point of the Reserve Bank dropping the interest rate and the banks treating the exercise in contempt by not passing it on, and this government says naught.

Every month we go through this ritual that once guided our economy and industry and we have turned it into a platform of reasons to do absolutely nothing other than make excuses for our bad performance.

The simple fact is this government is not supposed to be in government and knew the economy was failing under them and wanted the opposition to inherit their debacle. That strategy failed and now they have no idea other than boast a surplus to get the economy going. Their ideology won’t allow it. Trickle down economics is a failure when there nothing to trickle as business hangs on to its money tighter than ever before as we move towards recession status.

The spin about making new jobs while the employment rate is climbing along with balancing the books with net national debt tripling defies common logic.

Keeping the masses on part time, casual is geared to getting rid of red tape where employers can minimise their responsibilities to super and holiday leave, long service by limiting the hours so those factors are minimal, hence struggle street has have 2 or more jobs to make a survive creating the working poor.

Our economy has stagnated with a government with no vision as the Reserve Banks action reflects, and my biggest fear is when governments run out of ideas internally they look to external triggers like Patriotism and conflict to divert attention away from their failings.

How good is That Scomo ?

We Move into Uncharted Waters..

Today the 25/09/2019 saw a change that may influence the way we think about our politics and leaders.

Boris Johnson was ruled against by the courts on his dissolution pf Parliament in England and making them return to sort out Brexit before the exit date or he goes to the polls.

Where the ball bounces their is so ambiguous, and civil disobedience is a option.

Greta Thunberg nailed the ruling class to the cross on climate and made old men in suits cringe about lack of action and Morrison did not attend the Climate Conference pre UN Meeting. He also sided with Trump over China Trade with will impact on our trade and relations domestically and internationally. We are on the verge of recession and this could push us over.

The Start of Impeachment was commenced by the Congress on Trump.

He also stated in the UN that globalisation is a Failure and the world must embrace Patriotism.

All 3 in my mind will resonate across the world and Trumps poking Iran into conflict as a distraction is not out of the question.

Domestically the Trump Base will mobilise in my view and we will witness open conflict in the American streets and Civil Disobedience verging on War is not out of the question.

Trump will have no issues if his people are injured our killed to keep office home or be it overseas.

I cant see an alternative Leader to replace Trump in the Opposition YET but Trumps VP is possibly more erratic than his boss in particularly social consciousness .

We are in unchartered waters..

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