Ideology Stymies Our Economy.

What’s the point of the Reserve Bank dropping the interest rate and the banks treating the exercise in contempt by not passing it on, and this government says naught.

Every month we go through this ritual that once guided our economy and industry and we have turned it into a platform of reasons to do absolutely nothing other than make excuses for our bad performance.

The simple fact is this government is not supposed to be in government and knew the economy was failing under them and wanted the opposition to inherit their debacle. That strategy failed and now they have no idea other than boast a surplus to get the economy going. Their ideology won’t allow it. Trickle down economics is a failure when there nothing to trickle as business hangs on to its money tighter than ever before as we move towards recession status.

The spin about making new jobs while the employment rate is climbing along with balancing the books with net national debt tripling defies common logic.

Keeping the masses on part time, casual is geared to getting rid of red tape where employers can minimise their responsibilities to super and holiday leave, long service by limiting the hours so those factors are minimal, hence struggle street has have 2 or more jobs to make a survive creating the working poor.

Our economy has stagnated with a government with no vision as the Reserve Banks action reflects, and my biggest fear is when governments run out of ideas internally they look to external triggers like Patriotism and conflict to divert attention away from their failings.

How good is That Scomo ?

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