Murdock Butchers our Local Newspapers

For those who are not so News aware the Murdock Press has made the decision to cease all hard copy news papers to the regional and country areas across Australia and go digital.

This action in effect sends the little and older generations into news darkness as many have no IT or basic computer knowledge.

This may have been self inflicted by some granted as they refused to grow with the times and others unable to grow due to educational limits.

With all that’s said, the facts are people will loose the fabric that binds smaller communities together, a lifestyle that is incomprehensible to the self centred generations living their little boxes with make believe acquaintances online, many unable to communicate face or face let alone read and comprehend a news article.

A bit savage you may think? Yes but truthful and if you need proof, spend a hour or two on a polling booth and see humanity in its raw form doing something that should effect their lives and their family’s.

You will be amazed at the ignorance not only of the political systems but of general manners expected of a human being.

That said as true to form as you can get from Murdock the said they’d keep regional and small papers on takeover from APN and they lied, nothing new again from these bottom feeders of toxic text, and they will expect you to buy the Courier Mail if you want a hands on paper which in fact is nothing more than a LNP newsletter as I have stated many times and subedited out or simply consigned to the junk mail.

Truth and Murdock should never be put in the same sentence, as you now know from their actions.

In my case my editorial days may be limited as many times before my View does not sit with the owners ideology and I have been extremely lucky to have a editor who still feels balanced reporting is a key factor in a democracy, but like the QT she too is moving and many of the contributors may join me in the junk mail due to our views clashing with the owners ideology also.

That’s life but it does not help those who have been thrown into darkness, those businesses who’s adds were accessible freely will not have a presence of picking up a paper, the sporting body who wants any press to help them survive, the cocky who wants the cattle prices, the auctioneer, the church, the garage sale, and you can go on all gone to the iPad or smart phone of the fortunate.

To be honest I’m looking at community radio as a service, not a competitive entity but NFP (non for profit) organisation and any other media stream APP to try and compensate the losses, and any ideas please fill in at the bottom of this blog. Also Periscope the live App has been mentioned.

And I cannot close without mentioning the silence of the Hanson’s, the Katters, the Nationals all supposed to represent country people but obviously terrified to upset their puppet master Murdock, their absolute silence says why we as a nation need to govern ourselves for ourselves not run the agenda of a non tax paying overseas jerk , but not one of the conservatives have the guts to call him out. Political Harlots. All looking for that headline from Rupert.

Lazy Journalism, Lazy Thinkers.

It’s easy when your confined to spaces to adopt the easy convenient way to get your daily dose of whatever and has the potential to make you a lazy thinker.

It times such as this it’s the media, the information hub, should be out their delivering broad expansive reporting on issues that are impacting on our new way of life but it’s just not happening.

Our news is becoming narrower and repetitive especially within our nation and like in America where the trend is playing one state against another to make news, to make controversy, create sides, to manipulate conversations and interviews to look for the sound bite to start the next cycle of cynicism.

Like many at my age TV ,radio, are the prominent deliverers of doom nowadays and we are turning off I believe. Once balanced reporting was a ethical requirement, now it’s a treasure as some of us wish to make up our own minds instead of being told what to think.

I frequent news outlets worldwide without political bias to get perspective on important stories and when returning to home the political spin is easily identifiable, something you miss by remaining in the news bubble.

It’s important for us to explore information or we will end up dumbed down as a population, fertile ground for the peddling of conspiracies and falsehoods and that can start with good honest hard hitting journalists that hold their ground in the scrum and persist without fear of reprisal in any form.

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Let’s Rethink All Elections in Australia.


After this period of time now and beyond our world will never be the same.

We will have to have a total reset in Australia after the risk management exercise and we will have to analyse our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats at a scale never done before.

Our leaders and their performances at all levels plus industry, workers, in fact society will be part of that assessment that is if our politicians put the nation before self interest.

We will, probably demand our leaders have a skill set to move us into the new World that everyone will be looking inward on how they performed in this crisis at all levels of government that is why I feel we should suspend all elections now as the people we elect today may not be the ones with the ability to take us forward in the unknown.

Locally who knows where we will end up, but it won’t be the same. We want people to match the times at the helm and we the punters can’t judge now on a landscape we know will never be the same.

Yes a big call but it’s time for big calls from leaders who have that forward vision and in this case practically must outrank process and I’m sure our public servants should be allowed to continue without the responsibility of holding the hands of the new kids in the sandpit on changeover in a national crisis.

This will upset some who think in the present, but it’s the ones who think past the present are the ones we need in our council chambers.


It’s Wage Theft if you Get Caught.

At last the term Wage Theft is now part of the narrative in Industrial Law but surprise surprise the employer groups are blaming the Awards and conditions are the problem.

Like every single conservative government the first job on election is to adopt a royal commission into unions and do everything to destroy working conditions and what the call “red tape”.

That Red Tape covers safety and building standards, wages and representation of workers and the simple cut disturbing fact the we are loosing at least one worker a week on the job many not game to be represented by unions for the fear of loosing employment let alone challenge award wages.

It seems to be a crime nowadays to have the gumption to challenge for fair wages and conditions in a group, your declared as a militant yet its n been ok for the employers to rip off their employees without any justice other than a tut tut naught boy declaration from the establishment..

Being a former employer it’s totally my responsibility to ensure my employees were paid correctly and I appreciate oversights can occur but the ones who are falling on their swords now are serial thieves over many years.

This Coalition will never respect a persons right of representation by a union on ideological grounds so expecting anything other than a token naughty boy response is about as likely as they are in getting a federal ICAC in place.


Australia’s Food Security Needs Action Now.

Back when I was in the communications industry after Jack the Slasher was closed at Yamanto I was laughed out of the party when I suggested large supermarkets would convert into warehouses, home grocery delivery via internet, operations would be done remotely via fibre, and newspapers would be available on your phone.

Well in todays world let’s look at the most important thing we as humans need, food security, to survive.

As the climate debate splits our opinions the thing no one can deny is our food network has to increase to accomodate our population and there will come a time where we cannot grow or produce enough greens and protein we need to survive on this island at present farming methods and the changing weather, and I think many wise old farmers will agree.

In the future taking into consideration present technology over time our reliance on “naturally” produced product ,greens and protein, will be produced in controlled environment where water can be delivered at a constant rate via recycle or air conversion and protein taken and reproduced in forms that will resemble meat as we are just discovering today all predictable and delivered on time.

If the research is near correct Australia could be fed with about as much land as Victoria. Scary stuff but must be on the agenda now or we will fall for the same trap as we did 80-90’s in ignoring the climate data we are now experiencing.

Farmers and other producers on the land will not become extinct but their product will become boutique as long as the external weather permits so that’s why if the men on the land fail to support measures to protect and improve our present earthy condition it will accelerate their demise.

As was the transition from land line to WiFi the blind skeptics will laugh you out of the party, but in this case is our basic home based survival at future risk, and we have been put on notice.

Wayne Offer

Media and Public Servants under Attack.

Since the federal election one has to look at history to try and gather what is happening to Australian democracy. When this government entered office the first order of business was to raid union offices, and indite former Prime Ministers. That agenda continued although its leadership changed all with the knowledge of ministers and department heads and all in the name of transparency and in the end with little or no charges but millions of dollars of taxpayers money in the pockets of the legal profession.

Fast forward to the election they weren’t going to win, we find within a day boats arriving which we were told stopped, then even more boats we now know did come and public servants were forced to lie or conceal truth as the politicians blatantly lied about the situation.

We now know we have our parts of navy fleet on blocks for years because we can’t staff it. No public announce there but we have to man submarines somehow as we have committed billions on the never never.

The well managed economy spin has fallen over, the surplus evaporated, as the reserve bank has played is last card to try to kick start a economy, and if the trade war continues we will go into recession, and this government has no idea or plans how to get us out. Good luck with your franking credits but the public servants who knew the real truth are gaged.

But there’s more, these attacks on journalism are a direct result to silence or intimidate anybody who is a threat not to the country but to the government and it has made it clear in all cases it will use military style tactics to stamp out non complying journalists who protect whistleblowers and sources that could expose misdemeanours at all levels of security.

I can’t help thinking that this government set political land mines thinking they would embarrass a incoming government Hence the Chinese Warship surprise, but they are blowing up in their face daily and my real concern is if our ethical media is silenced and our public servants who know the truth are jackbooted out we will be no better that some banana republic under authoritarian rule.

Fake Fibre Obsolete On Delivery

As a former employee of Telstra and well trained in the capabilities of what the fibre network is capable of from its inception I struggle with what Australians have been forced to accept with the present NBN.

The network being rolled out as we speak is obselete in its present form and its capacity deliberately limited by this government to retain and protect current media monopolies.

When introduced in its infancy traffic in the fibre tubes was limited, but as technology expanded the capacity is only governed by what is hung on the end, therefore not only businesses ,households, the elderly sent to nursing homes, the sick or injured could have equipment ( health packs as invisaged) available in home ,with direct access to doctors and nursing staff and mobile doctors 24/7 cutting costs across the entire health spectrum. This is only one sector that has been restricted by this governments decision to retain copper and deliver a split network, one for the masses and one for the clients that can reap the benefits if they are wealthy enough.

Communication was legislated as a essential service in this country until privatisation, so their is no reason to get excited when you get a pay for a service that could deliver much more for the same cost, and that equation applies nationally.

It’s like buying a brand new car with 3 good tires and a retread and a free bumper bar thrown in.

Editorial Cut Sees My Health references irrelevant

Aboriginal Heritage Came before the Tragic Train.

As the. Media reels in the tragedy of the Notre Dam fire and records the world shock and pity of the 800 year old structure and artefacts lost or damaged could we please take a step back and look at what we are doing to our 80,000 year Aboriginal heritage and that is challenged daily by nature, bulldozers,  selective memory loss or just plain ignorance. 
We have the oldest Culture on the planet  and its history just  within  hours to all of us  on this island if we choose to accept that fact and although it may not fit with the teachings of some beliefs the artwork and history and  authenticity is  undeniable.
No one is donating billions  of dollars to keep this history let alone recreate it to its former greatness because its destroyed and anything else would be a fake disservice  to its creators. Those memories are left with respect to ancestors families to pass on but that does not stop us newer inhabitants from learning, appreciating and respecting. 
Its easy copy to look elsewhere and get on the tragic train but can we just take the time to appreciate what we have and preserve what is left. We owe that to mankind all over the world as  we are the keepers of history far before any cities, buildings or paintings were created. 

Time for our Youth To Shine.

Oh dear, the older we get the more wiser we are supposed to become.

We will always get those who think the old days were the best, the lifestyles were simple, so that’s good enough for us today, why change, and Now that group has become a political movement.

I’m a 50’s kid and we lived a dream compared to our parents, but ask our parents now if they lived a dream you will get a completely opposite response.

I’m yet to see those pushing the Trumpian ideology of protectionism, anti climate, anti migration, anti equal women’s opportunities, racial and religious divide, provide one forward thinking policy. They see our countries future is to go backwards to the way it was.

The hate youth involvement because it shakes the foundations of what is your place in society , your too young to understand, the cry, forgetting that youth today has 1000 times the access to information that was only available when a newspaper was finished being read or when the radio TV was turned on.

At 21 I could not have a beer in a pub but I could go to war at 19. Only the well off could go to university regardless if you had the talent, as long as you had the money, while the state school kids had to fight for a single grant, and the trades were regarded as the lower end of the class divide., and the shop assistants and labourers were servants.

They will have you believe they were the good times, and they were for the privalaged.

I see a case in today’s world for the voting age to be dropped to 16 as those young people today know and are aware and mature as much as some of the so called adult punters that go to the polls and vote informal deliberately, or turn up just to avoid fines.

We’ve run our race, started wars, split nations, invented weapons, diseases to destroy the the planet, yet say to our youth your too young.

What utter rot.

Leave TELSTRA Employees Out of it.

I feel the pain of TELSTRA complaints every time I see and hear how customers are responding to the lack of service, performance and lack of basic good corporate citizenship.

I don’t expect customers of the this day and age to appreciate the corporate ethics the company had before it was decided the shareholders held more priorities than customers. I agonise when I see guards left on footpaths for years, pits crumbling, non identifiable people accessing the network at pillars knowing how confidentiality and privacy protocols no longer apply or monitored.

Every day in Australia we see good people in uniforms go to work and represent a company, cop the abuse, and do their best for a employer knowing full well they are working with people and systems that are not performing to our standards but may meet some benchmarks set by a bean counter that only understands profit and outsourcing Australians.

Shannon’s experience is common, and will continue until we take back what Australians owned and paid for before privatisation.

I had a American telecommunications expert tell me the network I was accountable for was “too good” and costing too much to maintain and customers had to expect delays in installation and repairs, FACT and that was just before the days of Blunt as MD. That signalled lip service to customer service.

Outsourcing responsibility, accountability, service and especially company brand is a decision only someone who has no respect or appreciation for the vastness and history of the Australian telecommunications network and the attitude accepted by overseas call centres of its “just another call” is not acceptable here and never will be, but please remember those Australian employees you vent your spleen on today are not the people who sold the farm and it’s machinery.

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