Aboriginal Heritage Came before the Tragic Train.

As the. Media reels in the tragedy of the Notre Dam fire and records the world shock and pity of the 800 year old structure and artefacts lost or damaged could we please take a step back and look at what we are doing to our 80,000 year Aboriginal heritage and that is challenged daily by nature, bulldozers,  selective memory loss or just plain ignorance. 
We have the oldest Culture on the planet  and its history just  within  hours to all of us  on this island if we choose to accept that fact and although it may not fit with the teachings of some beliefs the artwork and history and  authenticity is  undeniable.
No one is donating billions  of dollars to keep this history let alone recreate it to its former greatness because its destroyed and anything else would be a fake disservice  to its creators. Those memories are left with respect to ancestors families to pass on but that does not stop us newer inhabitants from learning, appreciating and respecting. 
Its easy copy to look elsewhere and get on the tragic train but can we just take the time to appreciate what we have and preserve what is left. We owe that to mankind all over the world as  we are the keepers of history far before any cities, buildings or paintings were created. 

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