Our PM Morrison Runs Scared.

Not since when the Japanese were on our doorstep and the Brisbane Line was envisaged have we seen our Prime Minister vacate his nation and seek refuge in a foreign land. Menzies headed for England and now Morrison to a American outpost while this country is in a national crisis.

How good is it when every time you turn on a TV or radio you hear how the country is either burning or its population being sizzled by heat, starved of water or oxygen or economically driven into poverty while they protect this governments failing mantra of a surplus.

No wonder our youth or younger people has lost faith politics and are taking things into their own hands.

Each and every day I read or see people on the streets all over the world rebelling against authoritarian, nepotistic, corrupt or just plain arrogant old people who have made their fortunes by manipulating the system they were elected to protect, the we have the audacity to attack those who choose to expose or highlight or hold to account weather it be a journalist, whistle blower or a fourteen year old kid.

It sickens me even more when when I read us mature adults chose to use the autocratic moral high ground when we are questioned by youth then expecting them to go back to their rooms and behave.

If we did our jobs ,listened, planned involved our youth there would be no need for rebellious action but no we are the keepers of all knowledge and now reaping the crop we sewed.

Other nations manage youth successions in business and politics in the national interest unlike us where we see the corporate interests supported by politicians as the norm and our actual island where we live is just a place that is supposed to keep on giving.

Well it’s all over red rover for those who played the schoolyard game, and our PM’s thoughts and prayers are as effective as his understanding of what it takes to be a leader who stands along side those who are doing it rough not from his hotel in yank a colony.

The Dignity of Christmas for the Fortunate.

As we all get our jollies together for big Christmas gig could you please spare a thought for those who are not so fortunate, you know the ones on New Start, the one’s on New Start with disabilities that can’t get off New Start who fail the algorithm test, the returned servicemen who return broken in so many ways and left,the aged, single or deserted parents who I might add are living below the poverty line and in many if not all cases.

No I’m not here to put the guilts on the fortunate but I do ask why have we left so many behind in a such a rich country and why is this part of our society growing?

Im sick to death listening to politicians claiming that the reason they are there because it their own fault, taking drugs, too lazy from their ivory towers while all the time they are putting obstacles in their way which often end tragically in self harm.

Its not beyond some of power to believe natural attrition of these unfortunate category of our society as a part solution.

In other countries, poorer countries the culture is to look after they’re less fortunate and aged, we see them as business overheads that have to be manages as if they are outdated comodities all with prices attached.

There can be no doubt Capitalism in all its forms is failing around the world as the people are revolting, the youth are on the move all realising this trickle down economics is a falasy benefiting the fortunate few as the living with dignity gap widens.

Social Conscious in government today is condemed as left wing propaganda and while that is the case all of our underprivileged will continue to grow and suffer.

Merry Christmas to some, and to others hope you survive.

Sandpit Logic Dumbs America Down.

I astounded daily on what America today accepts as “the Normal”

I do watch and try to consume about 10 news outlets in the world every morning.

I see different slants on stories and totally different conclusions on outcomes, thats democracy I suppose and human prejudices , but in the majority of cases 99% the leader or subject of the story has the intellect to carry on a debate with reasoning that you may not accept but give some sort of credence or logic.

Outlets like Aljazera , DW, RT Today, China CCCT, BBC and many more not counting our own ABC locally, all put difficult questions and then it up to the respondent to qualify, explain, justify, or deny and then be accountable when fact checks are completed.

Not so anymore in America. The population is so divided, truth has fallen victim to political bias which is and will affect the total sociological structures yet they cannot see it coming.

This Impeachment circus is revealing how much intellectual debate has been hijacked to a point where the pillars of their justice system is being reduced to infantile sand pit banter by old white men that would be flat out achieving Grade 6 English in this country and that’s how the President wants it, regardless of that side you support.

Most of these men should be in Nursing Homes not power brokers, similar to the House of Lords which they themselves despise with a passion.

When a National Leader need an idiot sheet to say to a presser a THREE WORD STATEMENT begs the question of if the President of the United States is suffering a disability mental or physical, and his capability to consume his role.

His backers will quote his business achievement, wealth , social standing as evidence of qualification but in his case it’s been purely inherited from his parents, not him and the only thing he can lay claim for is live tv productions that are crass ,phoney, and fake like him and he has taken those qualities to the White House and they have b been dumbed down accordingly.

He has surrounded himself in yes people army who are scared shitless as the Gestapo was when Hitler raged, then went out to please to stay on the good books.

Then the simple fact is Obama was black and the Redneck right could never accept that fact ever, and how he survived without assassination attempt is unbelievable in my eyes but that’s not to say it did not happen or discovered.

Secondly the Clintons are Crooks as is most of the American upper class. They rely on the “Thug” mentality throughout their lives and Trump is one of them yet playing the Professional Wrestling Card of Good Guy Bad Guy definition sucked in the American audience as he did on the TV fake shows of his creation.

Yet in saying that his supporters abandoned their ethics and credibility and joined his coat tails to survive, and they too will never recover the status they surrendered.

Now America you are at a tipping point, the impeachment will never happen, and it has to decide if it repeats history and divides the country into Blue and Red and regardless if Trump wins or looses he will wage war, not just political war but civil as well as his followers all propaganda juiced will never accept the peoples wish and he does not have the class or intelligence to calm the waters.

They say a government is only as good as its opposition and by Christ I see them too looking at rich white men for salvation where what the nation needs is a leader that not only America need but the rest of the world needs, a person with integrity and courage, leadership and vision without personal gain

Big call in a country where money is the gauge of success not Ask not what the Country can do for you, but what you can do for your country

Seemed fitting didn’t it?

That Rat is Smelling Stronger for the LNP.

Another media scramble, more accusations on political donations, and all we can hear is the sound of cash registers of the legal profession as loud as the F16 over West Ippy.

Like it or not the CCC in Queensland are doing a job of public transparency and shaking the trees of our elected or public appointees if they smell a rat, and rightly so, therefore I am completely astounded why this Federal Government is so dead against a Federal ICAC while the rest of Parliament see it as common sense..

Not often do you witness a political party under scrutiny itself call for greater powers to weed out corruption, fraud, or other offences at the highest level which begs the question of why this Federal Government wants to block it.

It fought doggedly against the Bank Enquiry, the investigation into Child Abuse in the Churches and other monumental cases all of which proved wrongdoing at the highest level and still would have been thriving if let be.

Yes that rat is smelling more and more the longer this government tries to delay its being and like all the other instances the chook will come home to roost.

Would Female Leaders make the World Safer?

Hang on world I want to get off. Thats what many may be thinking looking at the way the leaders of the most influential countries are performing in their roles as leaders.

Trump thinks America is just a economy forgetting it’s also has people and social structure, Britain has moved to close debate on a exit it’s not sure what are the real ramifications. Hong Kong is fighting for its right to just be itself as you were, while Israel and Iran are goading each other seeing who can gain the power in the sand pit. China and Korea have plans that do not align with the rest of the world based on self interest and in every case the leaders are male.

If history is not to be repeated and world conflict can be avoided we have to look at who are the best political negotiators are women in the majority of cases And will always reach compromise sooner with better or amiable outcomes.

Politics aside Britain’s T. May was ejected for not achieving a outcome she herself did not vote for but her effort goes unchallenged while Hong Kong’s lady is driving a agenda not of her making both outstanding performers driving a agenda not of their own beliefs. That’s politics in its rawest form unfortunately but I believe if we had more women as world leaders the debates on the major points of contention would not escalate any where near quick. and our world would be safer, but unfortunately males at the highest level are of aggressive culture and seem comfortable in intimidating rather than intellectual behaviour which brings into question are they right fit for the job of leaders for today’s world ?


Media and Public Servants under Attack.

Since the federal election one has to look at history to try and gather what is happening to Australian democracy. When this government entered office the first order of business was to raid union offices, and indite former Prime Ministers. That agenda continued although its leadership changed all with the knowledge of ministers and department heads and all in the name of transparency and in the end with little or no charges but millions of dollars of taxpayers money in the pockets of the legal profession.

Fast forward to the election they weren’t going to win, we find within a day boats arriving which we were told stopped, then even more boats we now know did come and public servants were forced to lie or conceal truth as the politicians blatantly lied about the situation.

We now know we have our parts of navy fleet on blocks for years because we can’t staff it. No public announce there but we have to man submarines somehow as we have committed billions on the never never.

The well managed economy spin has fallen over, the surplus evaporated, as the reserve bank has played is last card to try to kick start a economy, and if the trade war continues we will go into recession, and this government has no idea or plans how to get us out. Good luck with your franking credits but the public servants who knew the real truth are gaged.

But there’s more, these attacks on journalism are a direct result to silence or intimidate anybody who is a threat not to the country but to the government and it has made it clear in all cases it will use military style tactics to stamp out non complying journalists who protect whistleblowers and sources that could expose misdemeanours at all levels of security.

I can’t help thinking that this government set political land mines thinking they would embarrass a incoming government Hence the Chinese Warship surprise, but they are blowing up in their face daily and my real concern is if our ethical media is silenced and our public servants who know the truth are jackbooted out we will be no better that some banana republic under authoritarian rule.

Truth over Murdock Propaganda Critical in Australia.

I try to look at election campaigns across the free world objectively and I do hold my own political biases but we must rely on the media to give deliver truth, ethics and that in itself is sometimes is a problem depending on which outlet one chooses to read.

The line between news, opinion then verging on propaganda in this country sadly is mirroring America and this campaign is descending into that gutter by the Murdock press.

We have seen in past elections attacks on PM’s openly saying bag and drown the bitch, burn the witch, and many other slogans prominently splattered across mastheads and now we are sinking into attacks on politicians mothers.

Has Australian politics sunk that far or is it being dragged down by this organisation to keep what it sees as the right people to keep its organisation with a say in how our governments run?

We as Australians deserve better than this rubbish. We should not accept material that an never be described as journalism.

I am well aware this paper is owned by Murdock and it does not reflect its owners, as we do have editors around the country that maintain journalistic standards clearly reported when Palmer Party tried to ethically corrupt.

I’m pretty sure most intelligent Australians will not accept this American style of confronting intimidatory politics and demand balanced reporting, however painful it might be to our egos.

Strategic Sub Editing but the point was not lost, only the culprit hidden. 😂

Self Regulation in the Churches cannot be Trusted.

In the past week or so I have watched the wave of emotions surrounding the Pell decision and I am one who’s vote falls with the victims.

Sadly it’s not only one church or godly organisation that stands condemned it many. It’s not only one man it’s 100’s of years of perpetrators hidden, relocated or just plain tolerated to keep the cloth appearing sacred.

As a atheist I feel for those who’s faith in their gods and churches has been tarnished if not destroyed but I’m sure they will recover over time. They too are victims of this world wide culture of denial however I refuse to concede the churches do not have enough money to compensate the physical abuse.

I see church hierarchy’s bathed in gold, while their followers starve, struggle for food or justice and I appreciate the excellent work by the believers who work tirelessly across our nation as do the non clerical organisations helping our fellow travellers, but these “keepers of the cash” run the religion business’s ruthlessly as exposed by the commission.

My faith in our legal system is solid and justice will be done in the end, but after the dust settles who will watch the watchers as self regulation has proved totally inadequate for far too long.

Go After the Shysters in Suits.

Get the Shysters in Suits

#bankingRC #letterstoQT #equality #justice

If Joe orJane citizen wander in to a business and steals we expect the common law to apply justice delivered.. Not so the higher you go up the socioeconomic ladder, it’s who can afford the best barristers and call on influential mates and call in a few favours. 

That culture has continued with the Banking Royal Commission report with not one being held to account. Proven theft from pensioners, disabled, people looking for truthful advice, the dead, to name just a few all conned by shysters in suits and not one recommendation for the of true justice that applies to us mere working class punters. 

We  cannot allow two justice systems in this country and simply seeing the contempt the NAB top brass had to the Commission and participants demonstrated they were convinced they thought were above any accountability socially or legally, similar to James Hardy had to asbestos victims. 

Don’t expect the present government to act as they identified where they stood 26 times until some within their ranks indicated they would cross the floor, but it’s not beyond average expectations that rule of law should apply to all identified as knowingly committing fraudulent actions. 

Murdock Media rails against Federal Corruption RC.

Paul Murray’s spin on the introduction of a Federal Royal Commission into Political corruption he describe as “overreach” cannot go unchallenged.

The tarnishing of political opponents were not far from his pencil I recall when the Trade Unions were and former Prime Ministers had to front commissions commissioned by the Coalition days after the election. His support for a Banking enquires was in line with Coalition policy until they were dragged kicking and screaming to the bench, which leave me thinking why the resistance to a Federal Iccac and what do the politicians have to hide?

When the media takes a stance against government transparency I question its ethical standards regardless of which side of politics you support. Protecting politicians is not the role of media unless you want a media landscape like America.

I hope this hung parliaments first job is to announce that Royal Commission into Political Corruption and we will see which side screams the loudest and after Murray’s article it’s becoming obvious one side is clearly nervous.

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