Murdock Media rails against Federal Corruption RC.

Paul Murray’s spin on the introduction of a Federal Royal Commission into Political corruption he describe as “overreach” cannot go unchallenged.

The tarnishing of political opponents were not far from his pencil I recall when the Trade Unions were and former Prime Ministers had to front commissions commissioned by the Coalition days after the election. His support for a Banking enquires was in line with Coalition policy until they were dragged kicking and screaming to the bench, which leave me thinking why the resistance to a Federal Iccac and what do the politicians have to hide?

When the media takes a stance against government transparency I question its ethical standards regardless of which side of politics you support. Protecting politicians is not the role of media unless you want a media landscape like America.

I hope this hung parliaments first job is to announce that Royal Commission into Political Corruption and we will see which side screams the loudest and after Murray’s article it’s becoming obvious one side is clearly nervous.

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