Morrison’s Plastic Empathy Exposed.

It’s pretty obvious that Scott Morrison and his government has lost the plot on the severity of what our country is experiencing in not only the fire emergency, but also the economy, aged care, NDIS, New Start, or any help service for the our disadvantaged.

Of late I am hearing the latest narrative of “getting government out of our lives” the same narrative used in America only there they rely on philanthropy for social support which fails their society coupled with the religious references to give the impression they care.

The simple fact is this government has a empathy deficit beyond any government I can recall in my lifetime.

Our PM’s actions and failure to come to grips on actually what a leader does has been displayed then his petulant behaviour when questioned on anything he feels he doesn’t have to answer shows a arrogance which he feels can be counterbalanced and justified by his religious beliefs.

This government is blurring the separation of church and state as a political tactic to excuse itself when a social conscience is required but goes against its ideology.

This tactic has been well tried by authoritarian leaders must be exposed and challenged by those who feel accountability in democracy is paramount regardless of what position you hold.

In 2020 there will be some legislative decisions that has the potential to divide our nation and this PM is displaying the Trump divide and rule strategy and really does not care about our nation it poor or disadvantaged it’s all about keeping in power and ensuring its donors are appeased something it accuses its opposition of daily.

The Dignity of Christmas for the Fortunate.

As we all get our jollies together for big Christmas gig could you please spare a thought for those who are not so fortunate, you know the ones on New Start, the one’s on New Start with disabilities that can’t get off New Start who fail the algorithm test, the returned servicemen who return broken in so many ways and left,the aged, single or deserted parents who I might add are living below the poverty line and in many if not all cases.

No I’m not here to put the guilts on the fortunate but I do ask why have we left so many behind in a such a rich country and why is this part of our society growing?

Im sick to death listening to politicians claiming that the reason they are there because it their own fault, taking drugs, too lazy from their ivory towers while all the time they are putting obstacles in their way which often end tragically in self harm.

Its not beyond some of power to believe natural attrition of these unfortunate category of our society as a part solution.

In other countries, poorer countries the culture is to look after they’re less fortunate and aged, we see them as business overheads that have to be manages as if they are outdated comodities all with prices attached.

There can be no doubt Capitalism in all its forms is failing around the world as the people are revolting, the youth are on the move all realising this trickle down economics is a falasy benefiting the fortunate few as the living with dignity gap widens.

Social Conscious in government today is condemed as left wing propaganda and while that is the case all of our underprivileged will continue to grow and suffer.

Merry Christmas to some, and to others hope you survive.

Invisible People with Invisible Disabilities with Invisible Support.

I wish to raise a subject on behalf of people beligned by our present society by the broad term of dole bludgers.

I agree some people use the system out of pure laziness often stretching back generations however there are some very desperate people caught up in broad perception projected by our politicians that are living a life in abject poverty and can do nothing to break out.

They are the physically disabled, the mentally ill, the ones that just can’t work and do not transition to a disability pension or are in transition or cannot get through the NDS mazes alone.

Support Services for these people has been cut or does not exist so they are left in their houses or rooms if they are fortunate enough struggling to pay rent, food and usually medication last.

Suicide rates among these people is high unfortunately but suits the government data on unemployment hence low on the priority list.

Luckily some medics are sympathetic to this group but the social stigma stays when they have to venture into main stream population to get medications not on the PBS and struggle to pay at the counter.

This issue is not about raising the New Start allowance, although that would help greatly it’s about defining the people who are invisible in the present system.

This issue is in the too hard basket for many politicians regardless of allegiance.

The real issue is getting classification, getting approved or rejected then getting them into care be it NDS or Disability options, not letting them slowly fade into natural attrition.

We are supposed to have a surplus if we listen to the spin so let’s give the least able bodied people some life saving support.

Enter Serhilda Subaru.

Well is been about 20 days of ownership of Serhilda Subaru and what a ride.

For a pair of near 70 year old old farts getting a vehicle with leading edge technology on board has been a real buzz

It took years to get my beloved to progress from a flip Nokia phone of the nineties to a iPhone 6s, as the family passed off old phones when one got a upgrade.

That was a step that equaled a moon walk, however after about a fortnight of total remorse of the dead Nokia one realised how much fun it was to learn to play with things like emoji and sounds and to her credit she has progressed dramatically since crossing the boundary of self imposed ignorance.

iPads once just electric newspapers now are a more a interactive challenge and now with the arrival of Serhilda the curve and interest is nearly vertical.

I have the feeling that friends and associates are a little apprehensive to put mildly of our/my decision to move into such a tech loaded machine but in my view as we get older we must embrace the available technology to assist us with the driving / travelling task as it does not take that much research that if you are a elderly you are immediately assumed to be at fault because of age and we have to prove innocence from a handicap of assumed incompetence.

This car will not and does not drive itself, make decisions, but it does make you more aware of you being in control of a vehicle.

Face eye cameras, lane departure, observation of head movement away from road and fatigue all thing we do naturally but sometimes we might just need a jog to remind us. Age is irrelevant with these tools but the fact it’s there reinforces the obligations of holding a licence.

Some younger find it objectionable, a imposition of accountability when you already know everything, the older are afraid they will be jolted into realism of how habits can develop into hazards and the fact that repetition and getting away with it does not make it right.

Personally I love driving with a passion, being fortunate via PMG, Telecom, TELSTRA to have some of the best training one could have in heavy vehicle and mechanical aids and I have never taken for granted that learning when upgrading vehicles and technologies across the board.

Serhilda has put me/us back in the classroom and both of us are loving the experience, and in saying that I enjoyed the Honda CRV but as a vehicle where corrigation and potholes are a daily occurrence was under the pump,but ideal in city and minor bumpy stuff. Long term for me was a unit that could fit stuff if and when needed with my issues and with the new platform Subaru is now delivering my wife is in the safest vehicle of its class in the world made our decision easy.

Last car ever so we now have a unit that compares with 15 years of Lauren Landrover TD5 in character and technology and I hope performance and reliability.

Serhilda means “Armoured Battle Women.”

Companions are Companions Regardless

The importance of companion animals to the disabled cannot be overstated , regardless of the disability. Unfortunately though the category of “companion animal” is a very specific category which is extended to dogs and cats while other species are exempt, therefore cannot be taken into public places with the same freedoms. 

People confined indoors due to disability physical or mental health often can only afford smaller species like parrots, birds, and even reptiles which enrich their day to day existence are challenged sometimes by the uneducated or the over officious when they choose to bring their bonded pride and joy into public view which then send them further into darker places. 

Questions of how these pets can be given equal status after the appropriate medical benchmarks of dependability are met were directed to government and was responded with legislative changes would have to go through court at the applicants expense. Not a appropriate response from someone in the disability profession I would have thought, but probably factual. 

I’m certain their are many disabled with mini pets would venture out more often and life style enhanced if their soul mates were accepted as is our loved furry four legged kids.

Disabled Transport Should Not be Dollar Drivin. 

In response to concerns about disability transport it should be made clear that the value of the carers and the drivers of the units that service disabled clients is often understated and undervalued because of their standing in the profession. As a former driver combined with my carer provided stability to many clients that never experienced it in the home. Depending on the demographic the punctuality forced parents to have their child ready for the pick up, dressed and that unfortunately was about it with some. Often it was discovered breakfasts and lunches were non existent, medications not administered, personal hygiene status wanting, all information freely given to us by the clients as they knew we would report it to the schools ahead of arrival so arrangement could be made before the kids entered the class room environment. 

On the positive the kids were looked after on school days and often the authorities were called in and action taken at home with variable results. 

Not all clients have these issues and taxis will suit, but for those clients who felt sitting on the bus in their own seat with kids and people they trust was a vital part managing their disability and prepared them for the day ahead. 

Sadly in my time involved we were the messenger as we saw first hand what the kids experienced daily in that particular demographic, some great stories and great kids and parents I recall vividly, but in the minority those less fortunate needed stability from the time they set foot on the footplate, that’s the role of the NDHS, end to end service for all recipients and if we let the bean counters allocate services we all know the needy’s voice will be given token value over a some boffins spreadsheet looking for a Micky Mouse Badge from his boss. 

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