Morrison’s Plastic Empathy Exposed.

It’s pretty obvious that Scott Morrison and his government has lost the plot on the severity of what our country is experiencing in not only the fire emergency, but also the economy, aged care, NDIS, New Start, or any help service for the our disadvantaged.

Of late I am hearing the latest narrative of “getting government out of our lives” the same narrative used in America only there they rely on philanthropy for social support which fails their society coupled with the religious references to give the impression they care.

The simple fact is this government has a empathy deficit beyond any government I can recall in my lifetime.

Our PM’s actions and failure to come to grips on actually what a leader does has been displayed then his petulant behaviour when questioned on anything he feels he doesn’t have to answer shows a arrogance which he feels can be counterbalanced and justified by his religious beliefs.

This government is blurring the separation of church and state as a political tactic to excuse itself when a social conscience is required but goes against its ideology.

This tactic has been well tried by authoritarian leaders must be exposed and challenged by those who feel accountability in democracy is paramount regardless of what position you hold.

In 2020 there will be some legislative decisions that has the potential to divide our nation and this PM is displaying the Trump divide and rule strategy and really does not care about our nation it poor or disadvantaged it’s all about keeping in power and ensuring its donors are appeased something it accuses its opposition of daily.

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