Enter Serhilda Subaru.

Well is been about 20 days of ownership of Serhilda Subaru and what a ride.

For a pair of near 70 year old old farts getting a vehicle with leading edge technology on board has been a real buzz

It took years to get my beloved to progress from a flip Nokia phone of the nineties to a iPhone 6s, as the family passed off old phones when one got a upgrade.

That was a step that equaled a moon walk, however after about a fortnight of total remorse of the dead Nokia one realised how much fun it was to learn to play with things like emoji and sounds and to her credit she has progressed dramatically since crossing the boundary of self imposed ignorance.

iPads once just electric newspapers now are a more a interactive challenge and now with the arrival of Serhilda the curve and interest is nearly vertical.

I have the feeling that friends and associates are a little apprehensive to put mildly of our/my decision to move into such a tech loaded machine but in my view as we get older we must embrace the available technology to assist us with the driving / travelling task as it does not take that much research that if you are a elderly you are immediately assumed to be at fault because of age and we have to prove innocence from a handicap of assumed incompetence.

This car will not and does not drive itself, make decisions, but it does make you more aware of you being in control of a vehicle.

Face eye cameras, lane departure, observation of head movement away from road and fatigue all thing we do naturally but sometimes we might just need a jog to remind us. Age is irrelevant with these tools but the fact it’s there reinforces the obligations of holding a licence.

Some younger find it objectionable, a imposition of accountability when you already know everything, the older are afraid they will be jolted into realism of how habits can develop into hazards and the fact that repetition and getting away with it does not make it right.

Personally I love driving with a passion, being fortunate via PMG, Telecom, TELSTRA to have some of the best training one could have in heavy vehicle and mechanical aids and I have never taken for granted that learning when upgrading vehicles and technologies across the board.

Serhilda has put me/us back in the classroom and both of us are loving the experience, and in saying that I enjoyed the Honda CRV but as a vehicle where corrigation and potholes are a daily occurrence was under the pump,but ideal in city and minor bumpy stuff. Long term for me was a unit that could fit stuff if and when needed with my issues and with the new platform Subaru is now delivering my wife is in the safest vehicle of its class in the world made our decision easy.

Last car ever so we now have a unit that compares with 15 years of Lauren Landrover TD5 in character and technology and I hope performance and reliability.

Serhilda means “Armoured Battle Women.”

Brisbane Tunnels Overpriced and under Utilised.

No one doubts the importance of infrastructure in our nation building agendas by both state and federal governments. My issue is once that infrastructure is in place our leaders seem to think its job done and hand it over to the private sector to manage.

The building of the Brisbane tunnels was intended to relieve the congestion on state and federal roads by passing the inner city it in true capitalistic Privatisation trend the the cost of using the facilities has out priced itself.

It was my choice to use the tunnels to get to the Bruce Highway and it made the drive so much easier however the $21.14 charge return made me realise why I felt I was in the no vehicle twilight zone once I crossed the purple lights.

Whether you agree with its construction, or detest or can’t afford paying, those who use the facility are lightening the load on the public roads, exactly what was the initial intentions.

Using retail logic may I suggest rewarding those who choose to use the tunnel with some incentives via registration refund depending on usage and the owners dropping the prices would achieve the original goal of taking congestion away from city bottlenecks and increasing tunnel patronage. A Win ,win and making new work less intrusive for users and constructors for upgrades on older routes.

We need to do better than $21.14 or this infrastructure will be as extinct as Pahlke’s dinosaurs.

Francis the New Hip Has Issues

Well it’s like this. After a while you new hip replacement need to stand on its own two feet. It’s between over 3 weeks since Francis was fitted and things aren’t going too bad.
Pain yes, but no where near as much as with the old hip.. Different pain too in fact….
Getting off the big cannons for pain relief is a issue that must be addressed.
People stay on them too long and addiction is a issue.
For Me its back to off the self stuff now like it or lump it. That comes with issues too, constipation, sleep imbalance but it has to be overcome.
The body is still accepting its foreign insertion I believe and shock is still a factor even after 3 weeks, but for a bloke who has never had a major operation this is a totally new experience.
One step a a time says the physio and she is pretty right. No hero tics she said just do as your told. She said and banned me from driving for 6 months…
I said forget the hip I want drugs for sitting beside the wife while she is driving and keeping my mouth shut!!!!
Not a good statement with a room full of women in her surgery. I got the appropriate responses loud and clear.
I sat down in the corner, as you do…. Verbally assaulted in the foetus position..
Well that’s about it up until now….


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