Brisbane Tunnels Overpriced and under Utilised.

No one doubts the importance of infrastructure in our nation building agendas by both state and federal governments. My issue is once that infrastructure is in place our leaders seem to think its job done and hand it over to the private sector to manage.

The building of the Brisbane tunnels was intended to relieve the congestion on state and federal roads by passing the inner city it in true capitalistic Privatisation trend the the cost of using the facilities has out priced itself.

It was my choice to use the tunnels to get to the Bruce Highway and it made the drive so much easier however the $21.14 charge return made me realise why I felt I was in the no vehicle twilight zone once I crossed the purple lights.

Whether you agree with its construction, or detest or can’t afford paying, those who use the facility are lightening the load on the public roads, exactly what was the initial intentions.

Using retail logic may I suggest rewarding those who choose to use the tunnel with some incentives via registration refund depending on usage and the owners dropping the prices would achieve the original goal of taking congestion away from city bottlenecks and increasing tunnel patronage. A Win ,win and making new work less intrusive for users and constructors for upgrades on older routes.

We need to do better than $21.14 or this infrastructure will be as extinct as Pahlke’s dinosaurs.

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