Murdock Butchers our Local Newspapers

For those who are not so News aware the Murdock Press has made the decision to cease all hard copy news papers to the regional and country areas across Australia and go digital.

This action in effect sends the little and older generations into news darkness as many have no IT or basic computer knowledge.

This may have been self inflicted by some granted as they refused to grow with the times and others unable to grow due to educational limits.

With all that’s said, the facts are people will loose the fabric that binds smaller communities together, a lifestyle that is incomprehensible to the self centred generations living their little boxes with make believe acquaintances online, many unable to communicate face or face let alone read and comprehend a news article.

A bit savage you may think? Yes but truthful and if you need proof, spend a hour or two on a polling booth and see humanity in its raw form doing something that should effect their lives and their family’s.

You will be amazed at the ignorance not only of the political systems but of general manners expected of a human being.

That said as true to form as you can get from Murdock the said they’d keep regional and small papers on takeover from APN and they lied, nothing new again from these bottom feeders of toxic text, and they will expect you to buy the Courier Mail if you want a hands on paper which in fact is nothing more than a LNP newsletter as I have stated many times and subedited out or simply consigned to the junk mail.

Truth and Murdock should never be put in the same sentence, as you now know from their actions.

In my case my editorial days may be limited as many times before my View does not sit with the owners ideology and I have been extremely lucky to have a editor who still feels balanced reporting is a key factor in a democracy, but like the QT she too is moving and many of the contributors may join me in the junk mail due to our views clashing with the owners ideology also.

That’s life but it does not help those who have been thrown into darkness, those businesses who’s adds were accessible freely will not have a presence of picking up a paper, the sporting body who wants any press to help them survive, the cocky who wants the cattle prices, the auctioneer, the church, the garage sale, and you can go on all gone to the iPad or smart phone of the fortunate.

To be honest I’m looking at community radio as a service, not a competitive entity but NFP (non for profit) organisation and any other media stream APP to try and compensate the losses, and any ideas please fill in at the bottom of this blog. Also Periscope the live App has been mentioned.

And I cannot close without mentioning the silence of the Hanson’s, the Katters, the Nationals all supposed to represent country people but obviously terrified to upset their puppet master Murdock, their absolute silence says why we as a nation need to govern ourselves for ourselves not run the agenda of a non tax paying overseas jerk , but not one of the conservatives have the guts to call him out. Political Harlots. All looking for that headline from Rupert.

Investigative Journalism must Survive.

I have been guilty of pulling the trigger maybe too quickly on the media on what I see as slanted reporting or cartooning but with the Al Jazeera story I can only commend the media on its speed on self analysis if ethical standards were breached.

Within hours of release, self questioning commenced weather it reported the story or created the story.

That debate will be ongoing but it’s my simpleton belief is overall if it’s in the public interest, the public should know.

The method of acquiring the evidence is played out regularly in capturing terrorist, online predators, drug dealers, gun runners all regarded as fair game if any investigative journalist outlet exposes the culprits.

The fact that they did not secure the funding does not change the intent or the toxic advice on how to nullify murder.

I believe this is a clear example on the value of investigative journalism, and regardless of what side of politics you support it is imperative to democracy these outlets across the world continue their work, and must be protected.

Polling Complacency, a Danger to Our Culture.

The expulsion of the young Nationals should start the alarm bells ringing in all political institutions in Australia.

The simple fact the strategy was to infiltrate a major party and change political platforms in such a blatant way and go unchecked shows that our political systems can be influenced by the extreme be it left or right and the smaller parties are not exempt.

On social media I am seeing groups accelerate decisive propaganda preying on people’s emotions, encouraging religious and cultural divide, all in the name of being “Real Australians” a nationalistic trend that is happening across the globe by ult-right organisations. These groups thrive when people become political disenfranchised and results in people voting for the minors as a protest vote. Those minors are easy meat for the extremists as the structures are in place and the numbers easier to be stacked and then balance of power is the objective.

I am in favour of competition in our democracy but I do not want to see our divide grow as it has in America. We are smarter than that I hope, but let’s not fall into the trap that “all politicians and Parties are the same”, either, their not. Some ideologies are deadly serious to change our culture to one controlled by interest groups similar to the NRA.

Be aware punters, not complacent.

Who’s God  causes the Divide.

As one of the 35% of Australians who do not wear the Guernsey of any religion I sit in total wonderment of Hanson’s stunt in the senate. What brings a person to a conclusion that their God, their belief, is better than someone else’s and then go on to degrade it.

I was taught in my early years, the value of tolerance and understanding spoken by all faiths but as my years increase that value decreased as the religions battled for customers. The divisions grew as amalgamations took place to eliminate the non profitable branches as did the extremists within.

The statistics reveal there is 8% of other religions outside Christianity and Atheists in Australia, representing a host of beliefs from all over our world, each contributing to our culture, a number exceeded by a single sporting code, so why we have to ask does someone seek to profit from promoting fear and hate?

This disgusting trend is World wide, dividing society to Right and Left, led by religious fanatics with their God on their side, and I live in hope someone will rise above it all and put world humanity as a vision under no Guernsey, if not our kids will never know what a balanced view is, and as we know our kids are born innocent and are taught discrimination.

Maybe it’s time we spend the time to listen to John Lennon’s Imagine…. 

Pauline Trump

Out of the aftermath of the West Australia election was the fact that truth and accountability are expendable in the political world. One Nations leader stated Queensland should take a GST cut to subsidise West Australia then blatantly denied saying it even though she was recorded nationally.

Then encouraging non immunisation, spruking a non existent test, then denying she said it, then being forced to apologise for her ignorance and stupidity. 

Unfortunately the most worrying thing is the fact she banned the ABC from questioning after the election result came down. 

When a politician regardless of any party cannot stand the scrutiny of the media scrum is a clear indication they have something to hide. In this case it was the incapacity to understand the election, it’s result, and what impact she had or didn’t have in getting the Liberal government annihilated. 

It would be sad if Australia fell into the Trump philosophy of lying then only talking to the media who will ask the questions they want to answer.

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