Who’s God  causes the Divide.

As one of the 35% of Australians who do not wear the Guernsey of any religion I sit in total wonderment of Hanson’s stunt in the senate. What brings a person to a conclusion that their God, their belief, is better than someone else’s and then go on to degrade it.

I was taught in my early years, the value of tolerance and understanding spoken by all faiths but as my years increase that value decreased as the religions battled for customers. The divisions grew as amalgamations took place to eliminate the non profitable branches as did the extremists within.

The statistics reveal there is 8% of other religions outside Christianity and Atheists in Australia, representing a host of beliefs from all over our world, each contributing to our culture, a number exceeded by a single sporting code, so why we have to ask does someone seek to profit from promoting fear and hate?

This disgusting trend is World wide, dividing society to Right and Left, led by religious fanatics with their God on their side, and I live in hope someone will rise above it all and put world humanity as a vision under no Guernsey, if not our kids will never know what a balanced view is, and as we know our kids are born innocent and are taught discrimination.

Maybe it’s time we spend the time to listen to John Lennon’s Imagine…. 

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