Pauline Trump

Out of the aftermath of the West Australia election was the fact that truth and accountability are expendable in the political world. One Nations leader stated Queensland should take a GST cut to subsidise West Australia then blatantly denied saying it even though she was recorded nationally.

Then encouraging non immunisation, spruking a non existent test, then denying she said it, then being forced to apologise for her ignorance and stupidity. 

Unfortunately the most worrying thing is the fact she banned the ABC from questioning after the election result came down. 

When a politician regardless of any party cannot stand the scrutiny of the media scrum is a clear indication they have something to hide. In this case it was the incapacity to understand the election, it’s result, and what impact she had or didn’t have in getting the Liberal government annihilated. 

It would be sad if Australia fell into the Trump philosophy of lying then only talking to the media who will ask the questions they want to answer.

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