Time for a Life Rethink I think.

As I sit here listening to my wife laughing and talking at a garage sale next door selling crap we just don’t need at our age or we have grown out of the habit or been outdated I do reflect on why I am here this morning and not at my beloved golf course as I have done in various tracks like Rosewood’s and Laidley every Saturday morning for about 30 years.

Yep off to golf, home and review the day, it’s ups and downs my performance and others, what to improve and what to do to improve. All in a bid to lower my handicap and give me some sense of pride in my ability to compete at the highest level I can.

Today I am asking that question about weather I have outdated the lifestyle of golf and all its glory and if golf now should be a pastime instead of the lifestyle it has been for decades.

I look at myself as a sportsman. A fair and honest sportsman. A person who wants to perform at the game highest level on my ability, a person who played off single figures for a short time but mainly hung around 10-13 for decades and shook cages in both B and A grades.

Now as I age, 69 this year and a bit of a lung issue, I find myself drifting out and not enjoying the fact that age and health are slowing me down. I don’t enjoy coming home shagged for two days. I don’t enjoy not performing and knowing I can do better but ….. I have challenged myself with equipment that probably does not suit my age group but I love the personal challenge fo dealing with something tough on the competition field and winning in some way even if it’s only self esteem.

I cannot except the fact it’s fun to have more shots on holes than anyone else. It’s not fun to underperform and be rewarded for it by letting your handicap slide out. That’s not how I play now or ever.

Old mans game and old mans thinking is not what I enjoy and I know the game caters for the majority of people at all levels, it’s my standards, my personal standards I respect more.

Maybe that attitude has been in my blood since I first started playing sport in football competitions back at 10 years old and have carried that in my playing and coaching career, later my trade and business career and now my ageing career.

I guess I’m looking for a new challenge. I think.. I love sport, I love the people who play sport, I love my fellow club members and their company but with time on this place getting shorter by the day I feel it’s time for rethink for what I can challenge myself to.

I have considered re entering the Football Coaching field as a advisory, a caddy for some youngster, a manager for a sportsperson, just to name a few and as you are aware I love writing and politics, which I might add gets me into a bit of strife at the club some times but is talked under hands when I leave.

We have bought a new Subaru Forrester Sport, the most challenging vehicle I have ever driven, and that’s saying a bit as I have driven heavy vehicles, 4x4s, buses and some sporty Mercedes Benz, all with different personalities but this one is special. I reminds you you are the driver and your expected habits compared to your actual habits.

It will upset those who know it all but embarrassing them might just save their life if they choose to take notice. It’s all about choice and ego I suppose.

Any way this is not solving my issues but I am enjoying the off-road trips and visiting places where wildlife is a little more natural. Both of us enjoy that freedom of just stop and listening to the silence and song of nature, and change from living on a main road drag trip at times.

Anyway I’ll still keep playing golf and with this drought going on that too is a pain as tee up takes another level of skill away from my toolkit and I get no jollies from teeing up driver on fairways at all. It’s embarrassing to the integrity of the golf course and inflates faulted egos.

In my football career which extended in semi pro coaching , when you beat a player and he has time to get up and bite your legs it time to consider retiring, you’ve proved you point but the game is catching you up and you will be only remembered by your last game… and I don’t want to be remembered as a old man who played who manipulated a system.

It’s a pastime now nothing more and let the battle for honour boards begin.. without me.

Grumpy old fart aren’t I? And proud of it too. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

PS Hope the garage sale is going well, if not she will be as pissed Ruby the dog is looking over the fence at them….

Can A Mature Australia accept a Cannabis Joint? 

At last penny has dropped, or should it be the bong. For years supporters of Cannabis and its benefits have been echoed around the world and Australia has put its head in the bush fearing a backlash from drug companies and other commercial interests including the “legal” recreational drug industries.   

The medical benefits has been well documented for decades, the social use has cost the nation billions of dollars in policing, court costs, incarceration where all that was required was to legalise it, then control production and outlets and as they do in Europe then make room for the early revenue stream in regulation and distribution that will fall off over time as the novelty wears off. 

Yes overindulgence will occur by a minority as it does in “legal” substances however that overindulgence will then be transparent and therefore monitored where its hidden or recategorised at present. 

Small steps some say with medical recognition however I feel the real issue is usage that has been around for centuries and will continue so will we seize the moment or continue to be ruled by industries that have vested drug interest in monopolies both medical and recreational, and let our law keepers get on with catching and dealing with higher priority offences. 

Basic Voice a Essential Service to the Elderley 

The NBN debacle delivered by the Turnbull government is leaving many elderly and incapacitated people totally stranded in the whirlpool of competition for their basic telephone service. With exchanges shutting down, voice only services will be delivered by the NBN by VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) changing the way the basic service is delivered.

These people who only need the basic service, the service they have paid for and serviced them will be forced to decide which provider and the cheapest to select to maintain basic communication to their families and support teams. 

To provide that basic service will cost NBN less than the cost of cup of coffee as the switching will be done automatically as part of the cutover. Their business is data not voice, so that basic voice service should be standard across the nation and take the profiteer provider level out of the equation. 

It goes back to the question “is a basic telephone a essential service”? 

That Communication Act Clause should be reinstated as governments encourage the elderly and in-firmed treated at home rather than clogging the hospital systems. 


Dr. Google, a Dangerous Consultant.

How would it go if when you took your car to the mechanics with a problem then proceeded to tell him how to do the job stand by while he did it, what parts to use how long to would take and then just leave the pricing to him?You’d probably complain about the price too and ask for a concession on using your knowledge even though you have never trained, in fact lifted a spanner. 

So imagine how Doctors must feel when they get a patient who thinks they know it all thanks to Dr. Google.

Yes diplomacy skills go into overdrive for the professionals when experiencing the online super graduates rants on their self diagnosed problems and woe is them if they dare to challenge the preconceived outcome or expectation of the patient.

Dangerous ground I feel as then we have to ask is the GP or Specialist actually using his experience and training or are they just conceding and sending them on their way feeling good about their own expertise without any confrontation. 

Knowledge is power and alternately Dangerous in the wrong hands. 

Dr. Google is a dangerous consultant in my book. Most Doctors have a set process of elimination follow by ongoing tests, checks and counter checks leading up to a educated guess, yes guess as they too are only human. Then it comes down to faith in that primary diagnosis and proceeding.

That tradesman mechanic is likely to just tell you to go somewhere else to fix those brakes, or fix them yourself and good luck but the doctor is not quite that abrupt but the result would still be the same come crunch time. 

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