Can A Mature Australia accept a Cannabis Joint? 

At last penny has dropped, or should it be the bong. For years supporters of Cannabis and its benefits have been echoed around the world and Australia has put its head in the bush fearing a backlash from drug companies and other commercial interests including the “legal” recreational drug industries.   

The medical benefits has been well documented for decades, the social use has cost the nation billions of dollars in policing, court costs, incarceration where all that was required was to legalise it, then control production and outlets and as they do in Europe then make room for the early revenue stream in regulation and distribution that will fall off over time as the novelty wears off. 

Yes overindulgence will occur by a minority as it does in “legal” substances however that overindulgence will then be transparent and therefore monitored where its hidden or recategorised at present. 

Small steps some say with medical recognition however I feel the real issue is usage that has been around for centuries and will continue so will we seize the moment or continue to be ruled by industries that have vested drug interest in monopolies both medical and recreational, and let our law keepers get on with catching and dealing with higher priority offences. 

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