Australia is Not A Company thanks.

It seems the truce is over in the COVIDSafe debate and the ideology is returning as status quo.

As I have stated previously in hope that our politicians realise we are running a country not a company but now it seems the dollar will push the medical science and any science to the back seat where it’s been parked under this government.

When we will we stop following the Trump edict and put people first or when will the politicians stand up and say how many are they deaths are they prepared to accept as a fair trade off to appease lobbyists?

We all know how critical it is for our economy to start that’s not the debate but it’s the timing and the risk of a secondary wave, and after patting ourselves on the back just to be kicked backwards by the irresponsible self centred who really don’t care. We see how quick it moves to spread so it seems this government is putting all the eggs on a App to justify its decisions regardless if public opinion more than sceptical on its taupe and effectiveness.

Yes in a company you plan and enact risk management but as I’ve stated this situation is not a company which this government cannot come to terms with because fact is the people who will be exposed the most are the people are the ones on the coal face that we need to keep the place running or haven’t we learnt that yet either?

Wayne Offer

My Challenge to Stay Here.


A visit to my GP was the trigger to get my/our strategy together to stay in front of this pandemic was initiated.

Having Asbestosis is a bit of a issue when it comes to defence so it was made pretty clear if I got it I will be exiting quicker than my exit which was by the way 2020 anyway as my lung doctor predicted 15 years ago.

Basic defence is stay away from humans if possible and if not crowds, shopping centres, public transport, handrails, shopping trolleys, and keep people 2 metres away. No handshaking, hugging, or personal contact as there are carriers Not necessarily infected as yet.

Constant hand washing and no face touching or better still stay on our property and order in our food online. ( that’s a issue being resisted by ..)

But how long can one isolate themselves is the question, but I suppose how long do you want to live and what are the risks?

I could not help overhearing a conversation by 2 old white men or about saying they reckon this virus is a hoax, so I hope they are immune and does not give me confidence if they are infected and proceed to spread it out of stupidity.

That’s life I expect and humans will continue to do what humans do and until you have driven a cab, worked in retail, or manned a polling booth you don’t really get the message how fucked up some people really are in the head.

So the world will continue and what will be will be, but I will put on my Alfoil Hat and consider if this virus was a result of a man made experiment gone wrong….. or

Climate Change Scares off the Autocrats

Born in 1950, I’ve seen how we have progressed from science, medically, industrially, socially, and seen how our standard of living progress at the speed of light.

I’ve been blessed having leaders the standard of Whitlam, Frazer, Killen, Daily, and many others not necessarily of my political beliefs but people with leadership qualities, so when I hear or read old men such as me run away from the hard questions the young or younger ask , then take up the autocratic pose when the hard truth are spoken it a attempt to bully, it goes against the standards we were taught in our youth. That’s what separates Australians from the rest,

So when I see the present so called political leaders refuse or run from answering questions on causes real life tragedies like the fires that are devastating our country, or other weather events totalling dodging the elephant (Climate) and highlighting on what they are doing for the “result”not the “cause” then and throw in a few biblical quotes for affect.

We’ve seen this strategy played out hundreds of times in America after a gun massacre and no one is allowed to question the cause at the time as they regard it disrespectful to the dead or injured and its duly forgotten till the next blood bath and the politicians cower down to the interest groups who give them their leather seats

Well this time it’s changed I reckon. The youth in this country will not be conned by the corrupt establishment any more, and nor will the media. Proactive instead of reactive action is the order not the request and if it’s too hard for those on office they will be removed as the ground rules have changed, and the more governments try to oppress or dismiss the bigger the push becomes.

Yes “the times they are a changing”as Dylan wrote and its the political parasites who have to move over and leave it to the real leaders who care about the people not conglomerates.

Us Older Fossils need to Stand Aside on Climate.

I know it must be hard for the older generation to accept the youth of the world are demanding we do more in regard to their and their children’s existence on this planet.

How dare they go to demonstrations or be allowed to address United Nations events or even contemplate they have more knowledge about climate science than us keepers of all knowledge.!

We will try to do our autocratic best to keep them in their little boxes and do exactly as they are told or we will cane them and keep them detained in their school rooms.

Like most of us older folk we see going backwards is the best way forward and that is a fallacy we ourselves crushed in the 60’s through to the 80’s where we took on the establishment and set up the wealth we “Silent Australians” have accumulated not even thinking that the planet was telling us it was in strife, and now when we are held to account we try and play the School Principal card over and over again.

Unlike the 60-80 years where we fought for workers conditions like wages, safety,leave leadings, and the 38-40 hour week, we/I was on the streets then only to see those conditions get traded off for what is called productivity gains and we are reaping those benefits industrial deaths, burnout, and mental health issues all related to the the magic dollar we are now geared to worship.

These kids are changing that ideology and us fossils can’t cope. They are smarter and more aware than we ever were at that age. They see their future not in a individual monetary sense but in a global vision we never imagined, and our only response is to refer to our god the magic dollar, aptly demonstrated by our governments obsession of a surplus over the needs of its own people’s welfare and wellbeing, so it’s not surprising that the old technologies resonate with that demographic as they try to stay relevant in a ever changing world gearing itself for the fight of its life.

Follow the Money.

Again we hear and see America do its best to show the world what not to do in regards to its gun laws but more importantly the acceptance and its ability con its people that one day all will be well and trust us to fix it.

They have successfully dumbed down its population to accept the fact death can come any where any time and its up to you as an individual to protect yourself and family as government find the issue just too hard.

This apathy spreads and I too am not as shocked or incensed today as I was say when Sandy Hook happened so we can assume we too are being dumbed down and that should never occur.

Blame is important and strategic and the gun lobby and its puppets are playing the people the same song after every massacre and anyone who challenges it will never be elevated to a position of influence.

So could this happen here?

We have stricter laws yes but we have the same influences pushing and prodding our politicians to relax them and it would not take much to dilute the legislation in our present political kindergarten where self promoting trade offs are more valued than the national interest.

Personally I feel if limited donations to all political parties and prospective parliamentarians and made all donations “live” we the punters could see who is attempting to buy influence in real time and we can monitor performance with that knowledge and make judgments accordingly.

Sporting Costs disqualify Struggle Street.

At a kid in the 60’s in a war service /housing camp area kids had to make their own entertainment but when the word got around the local Football Club ( Wog Ball as it was known then ) were looking for players a few of us fronted up with absolutely nothing and the rest is history.

After reading the costs involved in the QT report I wonder who will look after those kids from real struggle street who’s parents are the living poor. The odds are those kids will be the problems of the future and never given a chance.

We all know sport is better than any lecture to teach the real lessons of life. Respect, humility, integrity and it goes on and it’s not always parents that can be trusted to impart those standards, so are we as a society prepared to accept those who are priced out in childhood will become tomorrow’s problem generations?

Sport and it’s infrastructure particularly in the lower demographic should be critical, and maybe across the board should be regarded as essential service or we can to play the risk management game and hope the pluses outweigh the minuses?

I appreciate all the government grants to existing and emerging organisations but looking at the data in the qt report sport should never be for the have and the have nots, it is the best classroom in the world regardless of how rich or poor your country is and that applies to parents as well.

Self Regulation in the Churches cannot be Trusted.

In the past week or so I have watched the wave of emotions surrounding the Pell decision and I am one who’s vote falls with the victims.

Sadly it’s not only one church or godly organisation that stands condemned it many. It’s not only one man it’s 100’s of years of perpetrators hidden, relocated or just plain tolerated to keep the cloth appearing sacred.

As a atheist I feel for those who’s faith in their gods and churches has been tarnished if not destroyed but I’m sure they will recover over time. They too are victims of this world wide culture of denial however I refuse to concede the churches do not have enough money to compensate the physical abuse.

I see church hierarchy’s bathed in gold, while their followers starve, struggle for food or justice and I appreciate the excellent work by the believers who work tirelessly across our nation as do the non clerical organisations helping our fellow travellers, but these “keepers of the cash” run the religion business’s ruthlessly as exposed by the commission.

My faith in our legal system is solid and justice will be done in the end, but after the dust settles who will watch the watchers as self regulation has proved totally inadequate for far too long.

Emotion Overrides Player Welfare.

The weight of winning on possible the worlds biggest stage outside the Olympic Games and the World Cup , those of us who watched the UEFA Final witnessed a series of incidents where a professional sportsman just had a bad night and a night that will be career defining in not only in his profession but within his ability to ever reach the mental capacity to regain enough confidence to even set foot back in his goal ever again..

For those who have or had any involvement in Football know the codes expectations, and rewards at the highest level and although it’s a team game each and every person from the kit washer to the goal scorer has a role to play if the club is to be successful., and the fans play a vital part in keeping that dream of success.

Sadly though on the final whistle the keeper was left alone by his teammates and club staff and only when the opposition Real Madrid’s staff attended him did the Liverpool’s staff finally arrive.

In a world where every players health and well-being is paramount this was a lesson of how emotions can override responsibility, that lesson that should ring around every single dressing shed and boardroom in the world at every level the game is played..

The glory of winning as a team is great but last for a short time, but the mark of a great team and club is how it looses together without recriminations.

The Gelded Royal Commission into Banking.

It took years for this government to agree to have a Royal Commission into Banking and when the did it dampened the terms of investigation and we should ask why.

It’s now revealing millions of Australians have been ripped off by shonky operators, subcontracted or directly employed by corporate giants.

The untold damage they have inflicted on average people who went to professionals who knew that they could not maintain the debt yet applications submitted inflated figures to get bonuses, spotter fees, or in some cases shares in the interest attached to the loans.

To me that’s fraud. If I sold you a car that knew would break down without a guarantee then fine you for not making repayments I would be jailed yet these corporates have been doing this and would have happily continued regardless.

Whatever happened to The good Corporate Citizen and good corporate governance?

It’s shareholder profit that counts and ethics and integrity sent the back of the field and these are the organisations this government are sworn to support by giving them tax cuts.

This government were given the heads up hence the Terms of Reference restricted.

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