Us Older Fossils need to Stand Aside on Climate.

I know it must be hard for the older generation to accept the youth of the world are demanding we do more in regard to their and their children’s existence on this planet.

How dare they go to demonstrations or be allowed to address United Nations events or even contemplate they have more knowledge about climate science than us keepers of all knowledge.!

We will try to do our autocratic best to keep them in their little boxes and do exactly as they are told or we will cane them and keep them detained in their school rooms.

Like most of us older folk we see going backwards is the best way forward and that is a fallacy we ourselves crushed in the 60’s through to the 80’s where we took on the establishment and set up the wealth we “Silent Australians” have accumulated not even thinking that the planet was telling us it was in strife, and now when we are held to account we try and play the School Principal card over and over again.

Unlike the 60-80 years where we fought for workers conditions like wages, safety,leave leadings, and the 38-40 hour week, we/I was on the streets then only to see those conditions get traded off for what is called productivity gains and we are reaping those benefits industrial deaths, burnout, and mental health issues all related to the the magic dollar we are now geared to worship.

These kids are changing that ideology and us fossils can’t cope. They are smarter and more aware than we ever were at that age. They see their future not in a individual monetary sense but in a global vision we never imagined, and our only response is to refer to our god the magic dollar, aptly demonstrated by our governments obsession of a surplus over the needs of its own people’s welfare and wellbeing, so it’s not surprising that the old technologies resonate with that demographic as they try to stay relevant in a ever changing world gearing itself for the fight of its life.

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