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When will America Stand Up Australians ask? 

Do they have the guts or will the procrastination continue? Continue reading

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ABC 4 Corners leads Aussie Media on Investigative Journalism.

I’m not going down the road of political blame Continue reading

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Keeping your Job 

With every administration comes culture some good and some bad and that culture trickles down to every employee in the organisation regardless of what level they are at.As we march to the polls in Ipswich too are being fed trickle … Continue reading

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Media Laws and Ownership vital to democracy 

To the average punter the debate on media ownership takes little or no interest to many.Channel 10’s demise and pending purchase and the ideological and financial attacks on the worth and content of our ABC network is swinging the media … Continue reading

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Pauline Trump

Out of the aftermath of the West Australia election was the fact that truth and accountability are expendable in the political world. One Nations leader stated Queensland should take a GST cut to subsidise West Australia then blatantly denied saying it … Continue reading

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