Expendable Me.

As we speak some we have we are informed that thousands of Victorians are refusing to be tested for COVID-19 believing the conspiracy I won’t repeat because of utterly ridiculous theories beyond belief.

This culture of stupidity will spread the virus intentionally and me being in the vulnerable age group and having “other” issues will die if I contact the disease, full stop.

But it’s not only those in Victoria or NSW or anywhere in fact it’s our political hawks who have decided the virus is now part of our life we are going to have to live with and may as well just open up and get on with making our economy great again, and it’s up to you to survive, and in the right age group.

At the front end of this crisis we were told it’s the elderly and those compromised with health issues will be in the most vulnerable, that warning has been conveniently forgotten by our Prime Minister as he continues to play his smirking game of wedge politics with the state leaders to get his silver tail mates back in favour.

We oldies are now collateral damage to the capitalistic ambitions of the LNP and should just concede we have had our time run our race and die for the country’s well being, to keep the businesses back making profits.

One thing is for sure, we will go first unless we stay in hibernation forever, so we have to accept that fact and maybe the herd immunity theory, similar to the conspiracy theories will keep the younger population eventually protected after a significant genocidal experiment in the name of economic prosperity.

Yes there is a solution but I thought we were a intelligent race here in Australia but the Victorians are revealing we suffer from “Fuckwittery” at a level that could be just as contagious as COVID-19 amongst the population that cannot come to terms of for once in their lives they are not in control, and maybe we could just get all of the dumb arses parked up together and see if their theories are correct and it’s only them it effects.

They wouldn’t last a week before they,d have another conspiracy about the conspiracy.

Murdock Butchers our Local Newspapers

For those who are not so News aware the Murdock Press has made the decision to cease all hard copy news papers to the regional and country areas across Australia and go digital.

This action in effect sends the little and older generations into news darkness as many have no IT or basic computer knowledge.

This may have been self inflicted by some granted as they refused to grow with the times and others unable to grow due to educational limits.

With all that’s said, the facts are people will loose the fabric that binds smaller communities together, a lifestyle that is incomprehensible to the self centred generations living their little boxes with make believe acquaintances online, many unable to communicate face or face let alone read and comprehend a news article.

A bit savage you may think? Yes but truthful and if you need proof, spend a hour or two on a polling booth and see humanity in its raw form doing something that should effect their lives and their family’s.

You will be amazed at the ignorance not only of the political systems but of general manners expected of a human being.

That said as true to form as you can get from Murdock the said they’d keep regional and small papers on takeover from APN and they lied, nothing new again from these bottom feeders of toxic text, and they will expect you to buy the Courier Mail if you want a hands on paper which in fact is nothing more than a LNP newsletter as I have stated many times and subedited out or simply consigned to the junk mail.

Truth and Murdock should never be put in the same sentence, as you now know from their actions.

In my case my editorial days may be limited as many times before my View does not sit with the owners ideology and I have been extremely lucky to have a editor who still feels balanced reporting is a key factor in a democracy, but like the QT she too is moving and many of the contributors may join me in the junk mail due to our views clashing with the owners ideology also.

That’s life but it does not help those who have been thrown into darkness, those businesses who’s adds were accessible freely will not have a presence of picking up a paper, the sporting body who wants any press to help them survive, the cocky who wants the cattle prices, the auctioneer, the church, the garage sale, and you can go on all gone to the iPad or smart phone of the fortunate.

To be honest I’m looking at community radio as a service, not a competitive entity but NFP (non for profit) organisation and any other media stream APP to try and compensate the losses, and any ideas please fill in at the bottom of this blog. Also Periscope the live App has been mentioned.

And I cannot close without mentioning the silence of the Hanson’s, the Katters, the Nationals all supposed to represent country people but obviously terrified to upset their puppet master Murdock, their absolute silence says why we as a nation need to govern ourselves for ourselves not run the agenda of a non tax paying overseas jerk , but not one of the conservatives have the guts to call him out. Political Harlots. All looking for that headline from Rupert.

Our Sporting Tide is Out.

Sporting Junkie, yep that’s me. A football tragic since 11 years old but have followers all the other codes and sports especially when they put on the green and gold,

The fact I have been involved in the world game and watched for my own benefit how nations prepare and perform in World Cups I struggle with how we Australians at times get it so wrong.

Most nations have a automatic review at the end of each Cup and after a celebration or commiserations the management’s and players hand in their shirts, and the process for the next 4 years commence within a month. (The top tier commence before the cup and appointments are within that month as the process is expected.).

We sacked two coaches in football women’s and men’s and installed one stand in and one new coach months out, and in the rugby reviewed a coach appointed him, knowing full well it was going to fail as the world knew when we went to the toilet.

Our Football and Rugby administrators need to hand in their shirts as well full stop.

We need to look at our international codes with a world perspectives.and ask ourselves how are we going to be competitive, and how do other Nations maintain their standards.

In my mind our parochialism in management is toxicand infects the backbone of the codes. We should encourage and welcome overseas appointments of the highest standards and learn the trade from a different prospective. Our culture will have to change over time and in the past it’s got just too hard not only for the players but the media and they have driven them out, especially when the media loose the dressing room key.

Again I’m seeing calls for a Aussie coach for the wallabies hours after being belted and loosing world rankings. Media attacking the kiwi Rayleighne Castle for asking hard questions when she knew when she was outvoted retaining Cheika we were not up to standard..

I’m tired of listening to the commentary from “The older we get the Better we were” brigade on out TV’s and outlets and in fairness I’m seeing Academies emerging but those institutions must have the worlds best practices and personal leading the way or we will always be also rans or a wanna bee nation on the world stage.

Grandchildren Taking Up the Baton.

While driving down the ipswich motorway listening to the radio with my son at my side on came the news about the protesters and the disruption they were causing.

Both agreed about the importance of the fact of being allowed to protest but the method and the timing became the debate.

Recalling my youth in the 60’s and 70’s we too caused disruptions while protesting with issues such as work conditions, moratoriums on wars, nuclear armaments, Tasmanian Wildernesses, and many others but the world kept turning and our protests did impact.

Then we both realised the next generation, my sons, went relatively free with possibly the Rights at Work campaign kicking in when all those conditions fought for in my time came under threat.

Today we are seeing the grandchildren era taking up the fight with a cause holding more gravity as we saw in the 60’s and 70’s but this time it’s not nationally it’s internationally..

For those who didn’t fight, and looked on with distain took the conditions and the benefits anyway as it flowed on though the system, and it was only when those conditions come under threat they shifted alliance and dismissed the government.

That time in history is repeating when the youth is taking control because we the keepers of all knowledge have succeeded technologically, and value adding personal life style achievements not thinking too much about if out kids will have the same opportunity by taking earth for granted.

In reality our grandkids are doing exactly what we did only this time it’s not living standards it’s Life on Our earth standards.

Us Older Fossils need to Stand Aside on Climate.

I know it must be hard for the older generation to accept the youth of the world are demanding we do more in regard to their and their children’s existence on this planet.

How dare they go to demonstrations or be allowed to address United Nations events or even contemplate they have more knowledge about climate science than us keepers of all knowledge.!

We will try to do our autocratic best to keep them in their little boxes and do exactly as they are told or we will cane them and keep them detained in their school rooms.

Like most of us older folk we see going backwards is the best way forward and that is a fallacy we ourselves crushed in the 60’s through to the 80’s where we took on the establishment and set up the wealth we “Silent Australians” have accumulated not even thinking that the planet was telling us it was in strife, and now when we are held to account we try and play the School Principal card over and over again.

Unlike the 60-80 years where we fought for workers conditions like wages, safety,leave leadings, and the 38-40 hour week, we/I was on the streets then only to see those conditions get traded off for what is called productivity gains and we are reaping those benefits industrial deaths, burnout, and mental health issues all related to the the magic dollar we are now geared to worship.

These kids are changing that ideology and us fossils can’t cope. They are smarter and more aware than we ever were at that age. They see their future not in a individual monetary sense but in a global vision we never imagined, and our only response is to refer to our god the magic dollar, aptly demonstrated by our governments obsession of a surplus over the needs of its own people’s welfare and wellbeing, so it’s not surprising that the old technologies resonate with that demographic as they try to stay relevant in a ever changing world gearing itself for the fight of its life.

Invisible People with Invisible Disabilities with Invisible Support.

I wish to raise a subject on behalf of people beligned by our present society by the broad term of dole bludgers.

I agree some people use the system out of pure laziness often stretching back generations however there are some very desperate people caught up in broad perception projected by our politicians that are living a life in abject poverty and can do nothing to break out.

They are the physically disabled, the mentally ill, the ones that just can’t work and do not transition to a disability pension or are in transition or cannot get through the NDS mazes alone.

Support Services for these people has been cut or does not exist so they are left in their houses or rooms if they are fortunate enough struggling to pay rent, food and usually medication last.

Suicide rates among these people is high unfortunately but suits the government data on unemployment hence low on the priority list.

Luckily some medics are sympathetic to this group but the social stigma stays when they have to venture into main stream population to get medications not on the PBS and struggle to pay at the counter.

This issue is not about raising the New Start allowance, although that would help greatly it’s about defining the people who are invisible in the present system.

This issue is in the too hard basket for many politicians regardless of allegiance.

The real issue is getting classification, getting approved or rejected then getting them into care be it NDS or Disability options, not letting them slowly fade into natural attrition.

We are supposed to have a surplus if we listen to the spin so let’s give the least able bodied people some life saving support.

Culture Change a Must for Aussie Football Future.

Blame is Important and strategic.

As another 4 year football campaign concludes the media will disembowel, regurgitate, agonise, then allocate blame accordingly to suit the football structure they see what Football should be in Australia.

Nothing new, the same process, and the same outcome will result if we qualify in 2022.

Yep the Australian Football guru’s have all the answers and anyone dares to change their vision will be dispatched, replaced or ostracised as Un Australian, ignorant of Australian culture.

My opinion from here on in might just get me 🛑red carded 🛑 but I’ve been around long enough to see this charades played out all resulting in Australian Football being the looser and I’m tied of it.

Why is it we see our football culture requiring we do things our way?

The simple fact is the biggest problem with Australian Football is their are too many Australians having too much say in how how the football culture develops.

We are a infantile nation in real football terms and even though we made to top table in the world we are merely nuisance value in the picture we want to become a player.

Our record with coaches says we cannot adjust or do not have the talent yet to elevate us past battler class and looking at the level of our professionals only Moyes is playing in what can be called world class premier leagues, while the rest making a living in clubs under the world super powers.

World Cup winners have players in the top echelon playing weekly at club level day in day out. Beyond the average Australians comprehension. It’s not NRL or AFL as Optus found out it’s massive game in Australia that has been underestimated for decades with supporters that might support Aussie eastern seaboard codes but their heart and culture will always be with world game.

The appointment of Arnold highlights the crucial fact we look continually look inward because we don’t have the football intellect to accept that countries no where near as wealthy as Australia have cultures that we cannot comprehend or compete.

We wonder why international coaches think twice about putting their reputation on the line when they are often surrounded by well meaning parochialism not prepared to look at a 5 or 10 year year plan beyond the World Cup timelines.

Postacogolas had that vision but that vision did not suit the boys clubs self appointed specialist journalists that feel they have all answers. They’ll blame coaches, they’ll blame referees, the Video but the simple fact is we are just not good enough …. Yet..

Until we accept that fact Nationally then Internationally we will not make any major steps to securing a top 8 performance. And doing the Australian thing is total bullshit.

We need spend on Youth Development at a level far above out A League level. We need to have Full Transitional Management Teams employed from selected countries at our Sporting Academy that will develop a style and professional culture that is competitive yet identifiable with Australia as Germany is identifiable with clinical, fastidious application to precise performance.

Our benchmarks are below that and until we choose to raise them we are just in the world pool of wanna bee’s

Tough decisions, not cheap, not easy but as I look around I see Women’s Football making the right noises, international players On local rosters, and the young will feed off that and it will become the normal while our men’s ALeague is becoming a exit lounge for the past icons.

No reflections intended on our 2018 squad, we did our best, I could not ask more as a Australian Football fan from coach or squad, that’s football.

But I don’t and will not accept is Blame lays on the pitch. Blame is fully on the FFA management team and for the sake of the game heads should roll at that level first and foremost.

The Youth 16 Vote Comes with Conditions.

With the suggestion of the voting age being dropped to 16 I’m sure we will hear the arguments of maturity and political awareness be put to suit the whoever think they will profit or loose from its expansion.

Looking back in my life as a baby boomer I was a apprentice bat 15, a union member at the same age and yes with the education from my parents I was pretty well versed on both sides of the divide and it was up to me to decide and like many our kitchen table became great parliaments at times..

Fast forward to today how we have changed and I was part of the problem we have with todays youth.

Like all boomers we put our kids first when it come to our family priorities and Parents we secondary unlike the our parents who struggled through the war and depressions with nothing other than survival in mind. We had to share when we acquired, our parents were the most important for our survival and we knew that and respected it.

We thought we were doing the right thing changing the family priorities for the kids sake but we did them and our culture a terrible injustice. We lost that respect we gave to our parents over time and now we cry our kids have no respect, they know nothing about life, government,or they live in a technological bubble.

We boomers took our eye off the ball, handed them everything we never had, sparing our youth the experience of working and waiting, and in many cases handed over parenting to schools and our protective services.

So yes if we can use this voting age change as a catalyst to claw back self responsibility earlier, if we can encourage big picture dialogue and civic responsibility then it must be a debated, but we as the grown ups need to improve our parliamentary behaviour as that example again does nothing for the case of maturity by example.

News Corps Moral Compass $$ Driven 

To many of us particularly those with kids in sport cringe when we see gambling and alcohol adverts during major sporting broadcasts. 

We have seen the clear evidence where betting has corrupted players, officials and entire codes so why are my alarm bells ringing when I read News Corp are signing off with a mega deal with a major world wide betting conglomerate when they have subsidiary companies running and influencing AFL and NRL codes.

These codes have been plagued with controversy with betting, drug and salary capping , match fixing issues in the past and this move will do nothing to cleaning up the reputations of these codes and officials who are trying desperately to put out fires and clean up their act. 

Yes business is business and News Corp sinking share in the marketplace in core news has to be supplemented in other ways but the marriage of sports that set influence on our kids values and link that to gambling is not socially nor morally acceptable

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