All Logied Out

Well I hope your all Logied out by now and able to sit down and have a cup of tea.
Well what did we see yesterday that we have not seen before?
May is suggest nothing, just the actors have had a change. Same old talk it up,dress it up,ho hum we have to go through to make a few egos bigger and give the parasites of pizzas self justification.
Yes they are in a profession, a good one when your in work and not so good when your not, and you do have to make hay when its your turn if your lucky enough to get a gong, but why is it that different to any other tradesman or tradeswomen winning a contract to support their livelihood?
No, unlike the impersonators, they have to be themselves, no one writes their scrips, tells them where to stand and dress, or say.
I suppose I am being a little harsh but far to often these actors/impersonators do have far to much impact on the gullible. Some unfortunates think they are real! Some worship them as gods!
It seems once you go into a movie you are supposed to leave reality out the door, and that’s fine but when you forget to pick it up after the movie that’s when all of us are in strife.
Even our so called political leaders are quoting script from movies to enhance their standing amongst the numb nuts, actors talking to chairs and lets not go near the singers who get movie gigs.
We wonder why our kids get stupid ideas, do stupid things they see a vast majority of adults incapable or unwilling to accept the difference between fantasy ,fiction and fact and I concede many actors do excellent charity work, they and their industry need to remind the public they are only playing a part, and its not life.


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