Ya Can’t Eat Money!

Well I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of politicians playing party games with me and my families life.
Regardless of our political views we appoint governments to govern democratically firstly then with the populations best interest across the country.
Yeah , I know, that’s a dream but I believe we are now subject to the crackpots particularly from the right pushing ideology over their responsibility to the social standing of the vast majority.
Yes I do have social conscious and don’t believe a population should be based on a set of numbers some nerd has come up with in a suit.
Governments should have a responsibility to improving the societies, health, climate, living conditions, food quality, the basic thing we need for survival on this planet.
You can’t eat money!
Keeping that thought what is all we hear day in day out from these politicians? Money, money, money. Bottom line Government… Or race to the bottom..
No health no Life.
But to be honest it greed isn’t it? The battle for the top of the tree, ego, power, wealth rules of a few big players in business and religion reinforces that justification.
They control the politicians, the churches, the media so non compliance often is regarded being branded as a danger to “their society”.
That’s about my rant for the day but maybe we think a little bit harder next time we go to the polls, and think of our societies best interest instead of just my best interest…. Your kids may thank you for that one day……

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