Getting to Know My Body

Well I have never had major surgery and I don’t know about you I was very apprehensive about my upcoming ordeal.
Now its done and dusted, I did not realise how well the body goes to work when its put under the pump.
I thought I was in charge of my body up until then, I knew the signs and triggers, but no way it told me what I was going to do and when and no way could I override the instructions to if I tried I would pay a price of pain.
The staff all know, the medics know, you jus got to accept you are not bulletproof.
One can only commend the Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, phisio’s, cooks and cleaners all putting it together to make a orthopaedic ward work.
You need to be special people to work in those wards and get the best out of their patients recovery.
Anyway no time for sitting here stiffening up, it’s time for exercise and more exercise to get through the barrier or all will be lost….


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