Multi Culture ism does not Grow in Everybody’s Garden.

With the election winds blowing like most of us who do take a interest in our country’s future I take a interest in which direction the punters may send us and more importantly our children and grandchildren, for this who have them.
Personally I am. Labor Supporter, and one of those who are ridiculed, but stand my ground as a party member, and proud of it.
I don’t send out red neck cock headed racist emails to people nor do I try to impose my beliefs upon anyone else, but after a while I will respond if my tolerance ceases to exist, often to my demise but that’s part of standing for a cause that does have a social conscious.
I won’t go into what that means as that does not grow in many conservative political groups garden where the main DNA driver is the almighty dollar, and yes I have been in business with some success and know exactly how the opposition think and their opinions of the working class. Not all employers are Tories as you are led to believe by the Conservatives, and some do care, while others do not give a rats, yet parade as fine upstanding pillars of our society. In saying that, to be honest it cuts two ways, some employees do not deserve a good boss or appreciate a good boss, until they get redundant or the sack and restart.
Funny that, that fits when you change governments too !!!
Any back to my rant about those fucking emails that are made up in the Slime Bags in the properganda departments, forwarded to the party faith full then distributed, promoting fear, hate, division, racism, all the ingredients that Hitler used to motivate a nation to go beyond the realms human ethics.
That’s not our culture in Australia. Me I come from German, English, New Zealand, Italy/Swiss and who knows ?? And proud of it. Those relatives came here as migrants or some other country as migrants, of their own free will or forced by circumstance, it does not matter today nor will it matter tomorrow.
What I can’t tolerate is Children being taught to hate. To me that’s Child Abuse and its highest level. I had choices, I made up My mind., I worked from day one in a enviourement of mixed races worldwide, a Shipyard next door to the Australian migrant centre and worked with Muslims, Islamists, Chinese, Hindu, you name it they were there all contributing along side of the local bloke who just happens to be Australian not necessarily a Christian either.
At over 60 you may say you’ve seen a bit, not all but what I am seeing is fear being used as political capital as is done with many religions and political parties using that fear on the people who are not tolerant to accepting we are humans, not the same, yet being able to see, listen and learn from other cultures not demonise them. That’s what we should be teaching our children !!
That takes courage, and this logic will not sit well as some are imbedded with that distrust of anybody other than a white Circassian , hence the toxic properganda distribution network will prevail for those who attach themselves to it as part of their insecurity blanket.
Me, if I get too many of the toxins you get blacklisted, blocked and any intelligent information you wish to impart will never be realised at this address.

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