The Right ideology fails the test.

Ask yourself how could a government with a majority of 95% on the floor of the House get smashed in their first term.
Quite simple really. What you do is put big business in control of your decisions on the economy, so as to suit them, then try and sell the assets to the big business mates, then trash all enviourement conditions that hinder your party donors.
Oh yes, then create a fictitious Debt to to drive down wages and conditions, sack public servants and sub contract those Jobs out or just forget the service they provided and tell people they have to pay for things they have they have already paid for through taxes…
That’s it, in short put money ahead of people, base all decisions on money, and abandon any social conscious.. But tell them it’s good for the country…
Yes, they did all of the above are were obliterated.
But how many governments sell the same crap to their people and they believe it????
Well let me tell you austerity does not creat wealth, it stymies it. Monkeys can cut, but it takes lateral thinking to creat and grow economies and you have to bring the people along with you. Negative thinking is the only weapon the right have, and it works for a while until the penny drops on the Intellegent ones, but unfortunately common sense does not grow in everybody’s garden…
Well Queensland Australia decided enough was enough and one term of Right Wing ideology was totally UnAustralian, and totally rejected Rupert Murdock’s trash press and slime bag comments, and all of a sudden the rest of Australia have realised our Federal Government is exactly the same as Newman’s and are just waiting to vent their spleen.
Fact is when Labor in Queensland was voted out the people did not actually vote Newman in, same with Abbott. They wanted to shake the governments up and rightly so in any democracy but they got a taste of what the money men do to fill their own pockets and said NO!!
Saturday’s decision was a correction, I believe and a message to all politicians from all sides, don’t ever take the punters lightly as the bum you are kicking today is the one you may be kissing tomorrow.


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