Our Family Pack

That was easy….. Ruby my Ridgback has a ear infection and just administered her medication into the ear and I still have all my body parts!
The wallet has come out with some damage but that comes with the territory.
Strange this, my darling wife decided to take it into her own hands and take her to our now former vet and the experience was a catalyst for complete mistrust of the people and the premises it happened..
Changed vets and the experience was much more pleasant and we did the process at home with one application not the 2 stage of before…
A daily process instead of twice daily, so less traumatic….
A win win I think. And yes my Ruby is a bit spoilt, and she does spend a lot of time with us humans, and we are getting old and live on a main highway so that’s why we have a big girl at our side. We have been broken into as our old girl ebony was a little deaf in the end but I am sure the thieves were spooked when she found them and departed quick.
Ruby is not receptive to strangers unless they get our tick… And they get her tick.
Over time I have found my canine friends are a very good judge of character and at times I have doubted their opinion and I have been wrong..
They can smell a rat and often that’s why some can be accepted and some humans not..
But again, some people do object to getting their private parts sniffed, which I have found is what ridgebacks do to check you out. My ridgeback Great Dane former girl had the same habit.
Suppose it’s their way of checking you into their pack.. Or not..
Any way people will accept us as we are, Ruby included, warts and all or on ya bike.


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