The Tai Chi start… Was not without drama.

Well the wife decided she would take up Tai Chi and went to the local community hall to see the drill.
I’ve been thinking the same since my hip Replacment but haven’t made the move.. Well when she came home yesterday and told me what she observed I looked on the App site and come up with a pretty popular beginners tool and proceeded to introduce myself to the pastime, and I might say was impressed by the way i felt just after the warm up sets…
All the time I was doing the exercises I was under observation from “she who must be obeyed” and when I asked her if she wanted to use the App I was told it’s not the right one and …………..blah blah
Fine was my reply but how can you become a authority with as little as 15 minutes observation and no participation I ask???
Ok wrong question! “I’ll wait till next week to start” was the response.
Fine, but what can you do wrong if you start today with this and when you go to the hall next week see if it is any different?
Male logic, but not accepted.
Fine again. “I know Nothing”
Well me and the dog will progress, ” she likes the music on the iPad app” every day.

All shall be reviled in the fullness of time….


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