Waiting for Marcie


Well here we go.
We’ve got a category 2 and increasing cyclone off the coast, full weather alerts out, emergency crews on standby expecting a flogging..
So what can we do other than get ready.. It really brings you back to reality when you realise you are just a mortal, not in control, all the new tech is totally useless other than telling you it’s on it’s way. Yep they could do that back in the 50’s but not quite as accurately. So what, time is stuff all to a cyclone anyway, it’s in charge not you. Get over it.
I n fact the more time you get to prepare the better you should be off.. That is if you listen. I’m nearly 65, seen a few but respect nature and nothing is the same. Some of the wise men will not agree but our climate is changing, seas rising, planet heating, you know it unless your one of the Looney tunes who put their hands over their ears and go LALA.
Deniers… No, just mislead by the Barons who want the world to remain on old money, keeping their investments performing. Lying to the masses is all part of their game and like everything some will take the bait and run with it.. The uneducated are the targets and they usually are the loudest.
So anyway waiting for nature to do its work makes you reflect on our lives and what is installed for our children and their children.
Right wing politicians have only one agenda, one God, and that is money. Everything they do and say, policy, ideology is driven by the dollar. Every argument is cost driven. They know the price of everything and the value of Nothing. Social consciousness only a consideration after their wallets are full.
Anyway I’ve had my rant for the day, the wind has changed and swinging northward, and the humidity climbing.. We are in for a touch up, not so much inland as those on the coast. I have just had a report that there is a metre and half waves at Redcliffe, that means massive flooding in the lower areas and the centre is no where near them yet…

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