Australia’s Food Security Needs Action Now.

Back when I was in the communications industry after Jack the Slasher was closed at Yamanto I was laughed out of the party when I suggested large supermarkets would convert into warehouses, home grocery delivery via internet, operations would be done remotely via fibre, and newspapers would be available on your phone.

Well in todays world let’s look at the most important thing we as humans need, food security, to survive.

As the climate debate splits our opinions the thing no one can deny is our food network has to increase to accomodate our population and there will come a time where we cannot grow or produce enough greens and protein we need to survive on this island at present farming methods and the changing weather, and I think many wise old farmers will agree.

In the future taking into consideration present technology over time our reliance on “naturally” produced product ,greens and protein, will be produced in controlled environment where water can be delivered at a constant rate via recycle or air conversion and protein taken and reproduced in forms that will resemble meat as we are just discovering today all predictable and delivered on time.

If the research is near correct Australia could be fed with about as much land as Victoria. Scary stuff but must be on the agenda now or we will fall for the same trap as we did 80-90’s in ignoring the climate data we are now experiencing.

Farmers and other producers on the land will not become extinct but their product will become boutique as long as the external weather permits so that’s why if the men on the land fail to support measures to protect and improve our present earthy condition it will accelerate their demise.

As was the transition from land line to WiFi the blind skeptics will laugh you out of the party, but in this case is our basic home based survival at future risk, and we have been put on notice.

Wayne Offer

Greta Thunberg Like Bernie Banton Stands Her Ground.

It must be a pretty big thing to have the President of the United States to fly 4 thousand Kilometres to have a lash at a young teenager. Probably a bit of diversion politics from home issues but this trend to attack the young climate messenger across all media platforms is actually building the case and growing the support no matter of how many of the climate deniers propaganda portray her disability, age, school level, or intelligence.

Its a hard road if you choose to take on an issue that establishment see their status quo challenged, however without those who choose to step up always face the wrath of quite often personal attacks over a debate on fact.

Personally me and many others have to thank our real warrior Bernie Banton who’s fight against politicians. Lobbyists, shareholders and the greater business sector who suffered the same wrath that Thunberg is copping today and that fight is still ongoing across the world as politicians deny or covered up to appease their donors and launched into personal attacks as a means to deflect responsibility.

Be sure this kid ain’t going nowhere and while the men in suits go into palpitations every time they see her one thing is certain,

we had our chance and blew it when this issue first arose back in the 80’s and 90’s and that’s a fact no one can deny.

Wayne Offer

My Neighbourhood Stands Together.

What a unique Street we live in.

On Girral, we had a very pleasant evening at the local celebrating a rather gratifying week and a bit preparing, erecting, judging, stewarding, exhibiting, and winning, then dismantling everything we constructed.

We, I say we all helped each other in exhibits such as school work, art, the inaugural honey exhibition, bonsais, horticulture, photography, and general supervision of all of the above.

Not bad for a dead end street and a bunch of possibly the most diverse people from diverse backgrounds one could imagine all coming together for a Rosewood Show commitment.

We all live on acreage, yet our commitment to each other and families quality of life goes without saying. Even those who don’t participate in everything still are not left out. We all communicate, we all care.

Unique no not really to me, as my upbringing was exactly this. Care about your neighbour, communicate and be understanding of diverse opinions, cultures, and habits. It does not come naturally and it has to be worked on but so does life.

I like to think we are similar to the Football Club I follow who has the motto Mia SAN Mia, which translates plural and singular “We Are Who We Are, and I Am Who I Am.”

Aboriginal Heritage Came before the Tragic Train.

As the. Media reels in the tragedy of the Notre Dam fire and records the world shock and pity of the 800 year old structure and artefacts lost or damaged could we please take a step back and look at what we are doing to our 80,000 year Aboriginal heritage and that is challenged daily by nature, bulldozers,  selective memory loss or just plain ignorance. 
We have the oldest Culture on the planet  and its history just  within  hours to all of us  on this island if we choose to accept that fact and although it may not fit with the teachings of some beliefs the artwork and history and  authenticity is  undeniable.
No one is donating billions  of dollars to keep this history let alone recreate it to its former greatness because its destroyed and anything else would be a fake disservice  to its creators. Those memories are left with respect to ancestors families to pass on but that does not stop us newer inhabitants from learning, appreciating and respecting. 
Its easy copy to look elsewhere and get on the tragic train but can we just take the time to appreciate what we have and preserve what is left. We owe that to mankind all over the world as  we are the keepers of history far before any cities, buildings or paintings were created. 

Time for a Life Rethink I think.

As I sit here listening to my wife laughing and talking at a garage sale next door selling crap we just don’t need at our age or we have grown out of the habit or been outdated I do reflect on why I am here this morning and not at my beloved golf course as I have done in various tracks like Rosewood’s and Laidley every Saturday morning for about 30 years.

Yep off to golf, home and review the day, it’s ups and downs my performance and others, what to improve and what to do to improve. All in a bid to lower my handicap and give me some sense of pride in my ability to compete at the highest level I can.

Today I am asking that question about weather I have outdated the lifestyle of golf and all its glory and if golf now should be a pastime instead of the lifestyle it has been for decades.

I look at myself as a sportsman. A fair and honest sportsman. A person who wants to perform at the game highest level on my ability, a person who played off single figures for a short time but mainly hung around 10-13 for decades and shook cages in both B and A grades.

Now as I age, 69 this year and a bit of a lung issue, I find myself drifting out and not enjoying the fact that age and health are slowing me down. I don’t enjoy coming home shagged for two days. I don’t enjoy not performing and knowing I can do better but ….. I have challenged myself with equipment that probably does not suit my age group but I love the personal challenge fo dealing with something tough on the competition field and winning in some way even if it’s only self esteem.

I cannot except the fact it’s fun to have more shots on holes than anyone else. It’s not fun to underperform and be rewarded for it by letting your handicap slide out. That’s not how I play now or ever.

Old mans game and old mans thinking is not what I enjoy and I know the game caters for the majority of people at all levels, it’s my standards, my personal standards I respect more.

Maybe that attitude has been in my blood since I first started playing sport in football competitions back at 10 years old and have carried that in my playing and coaching career, later my trade and business career and now my ageing career.

I guess I’m looking for a new challenge. I think.. I love sport, I love the people who play sport, I love my fellow club members and their company but with time on this place getting shorter by the day I feel it’s time for rethink for what I can challenge myself to.

I have considered re entering the Football Coaching field as a advisory, a caddy for some youngster, a manager for a sportsperson, just to name a few and as you are aware I love writing and politics, which I might add gets me into a bit of strife at the club some times but is talked under hands when I leave.

We have bought a new Subaru Forrester Sport, the most challenging vehicle I have ever driven, and that’s saying a bit as I have driven heavy vehicles, 4x4s, buses and some sporty Mercedes Benz, all with different personalities but this one is special. I reminds you you are the driver and your expected habits compared to your actual habits.

It will upset those who know it all but embarrassing them might just save their life if they choose to take notice. It’s all about choice and ego I suppose.

Any way this is not solving my issues but I am enjoying the off-road trips and visiting places where wildlife is a little more natural. Both of us enjoy that freedom of just stop and listening to the silence and song of nature, and change from living on a main road drag trip at times.

Anyway I’ll still keep playing golf and with this drought going on that too is a pain as tee up takes another level of skill away from my toolkit and I get no jollies from teeing up driver on fairways at all. It’s embarrassing to the integrity of the golf course and inflates faulted egos.

In my football career which extended in semi pro coaching , when you beat a player and he has time to get up and bite your legs it time to consider retiring, you’ve proved you point but the game is catching you up and you will be only remembered by your last game… and I don’t want to be remembered as a old man who played who manipulated a system.

It’s a pastime now nothing more and let the battle for honour boards begin.. without me.

Grumpy old fart aren’t I? And proud of it too. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

PS Hope the garage sale is going well, if not she will be as pissed Ruby the dog is looking over the fence at them….

Is Amberley playing Games with our Weather?

I try to look at the facts, then look for reasons why when things are outside what I regard as normal occurrences.

Yesterday 15/02/2018 a series of storms appeared on the BOM radar around Warwick, Toowoomba and slowly progressed towards the IPSWICH. While that was progressing individual cells appeared in the Harrisville area all heading towards Rosewood Thagoona as the warnings were issued by relevant authorities.

As I watched intently on my device I witnessed entire fronts disappear the closer they got to Amberley Base, then reappear somewhere else. ( please check BOM history if in doubt if it’s available).

My question is “is Amberley Base using a device or system that deflects incoming weather for operational purposes?”

I’m sure many residents who have lived in the area for some are seeing this occurrence more frequently and questions need to be asked.

I don’t expect the military to confirm or deny as protocol, nor do I expect any politician to respond, and I expect to regarded as a conspiracy peddler but when a occurrence continually occurs someone has to ask.

We all knew when we moved here Amberley is what it is, and we are privileged to have it to boost our economy and bringing families and mates to our towns, but I’m not sure I know enough about side effects as we didn’t in the fire retardant cover up but I do know my bit of dirt around Thagoona is in some sort of shadow and maybe the pioneers that placed the base where it is knew that but when you see dramatic inconsistencies we must question.

Check our the times on the screen shots..

Edited version

Waiting for Marcie


Well here we go.
We’ve got a category 2 and increasing cyclone off the coast, full weather alerts out, emergency crews on standby expecting a flogging..
So what can we do other than get ready.. It really brings you back to reality when you realise you are just a mortal, not in control, all the new tech is totally useless other than telling you it’s on it’s way. Yep they could do that back in the 50’s but not quite as accurately. So what, time is stuff all to a cyclone anyway, it’s in charge not you. Get over it.
I n fact the more time you get to prepare the better you should be off.. That is if you listen. I’m nearly 65, seen a few but respect nature and nothing is the same. Some of the wise men will not agree but our climate is changing, seas rising, planet heating, you know it unless your one of the Looney tunes who put their hands over their ears and go LALA.
Deniers… No, just mislead by the Barons who want the world to remain on old money, keeping their investments performing. Lying to the masses is all part of their game and like everything some will take the bait and run with it.. The uneducated are the targets and they usually are the loudest.
So anyway waiting for nature to do its work makes you reflect on our lives and what is installed for our children and their children.
Right wing politicians have only one agenda, one God, and that is money. Everything they do and say, policy, ideology is driven by the dollar. Every argument is cost driven. They know the price of everything and the value of Nothing. Social consciousness only a consideration after their wallets are full.
Anyway I’ve had my rant for the day, the wind has changed and swinging northward, and the humidity climbing.. We are in for a touch up, not so much inland as those on the coast. I have just had a report that there is a metre and half waves at Redcliffe, that means massive flooding in the lower areas and the centre is no where near them yet…

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