My Australia Day

I suppose it’s age or just generation but as our national day approaches I do take the time to reflect on the little things that I remember made it so special then and how to remain calm now.We as kids were taught, drilled in fact nothing was more sacred than our national flag. We all had our turn as flag monitors in Primary school which entailed the presentation, unfurling, recovery, and security of the school flag at assembly time every morning on parade. 

Respect, and a sense of national pride came with those of us who were privileged to wear the emblem. Our military and our sporting representatives were the main recipients of that honour. 

It was a crime to deface, misrepresent, or damage the sacred emblem in any way and frowned upon those who attempted to use it as a political tool, and even more if it was used part of a advertising campaign. 

Well how far have we come from there in 2016??

Our toilet paper has a flag, every thing they think they can get $$$ out of gets a flag. We dress in a flag made in China or wherever or use it as a tool to split our Australian way. 

Our Flag has been sold along with our heritage some of that I might add is nothing to be proud of, a fact well hidden in my childhood and still not recognised to its full extent today especially as far as our early settlement and treatment of our Aboriginals then and today. 

Yes my Australia Day will be a time for being thankful for just being Australian, I don’t need to be in a costume to prove my patriotism, I will cringe a lot, but my standard blue singlet will be worn with a little more pride tomorrow morning, and my Paul Kelly albums volume will be increased, but that’s only my view and that’s what makes us what we are. 

Happy Australia Day All. 

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