My Flag

I remember well when you were appointed as a flag monitor and were in charge of folding, carrying and unfurling and recovery of our nations prize possession on parade every morning at school. It was never allowed to touch the ground and treated with utmost respect and was a federal offence to in any way to desecrate our emblem.
Fast forward and today our people and politicians wrap themselves, dress themselves and even cover their faces and hide in a flag that our people gave up their lives for. It’s used as a weapon to divide our society not unite it, to profit by having it printed on your corn flake box or any retail item that seeks advantage by playing on nationalisms. 

Our National Emblem should be sacred as it was before the mighty dollar hijacked it.

We are not any other country other than Australia and if others choose to betray their Fallen for dollars that’s their call, but the words Respect, Honour, Achievement, should be only criteria for being individually honoured with the privilege of wearing our flag.

For those who need something to show your national passion wear a boxing kangaroo or whatever but…… 

My flag is not for sale thanks, is yours? 

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