Take the Stakeholders Out of the Domestic Violence Debate.

They say politics and religion are taboo if you want to keep your friends. Well hears a test… 

Domestic violence is a issue politicians and the religions have used to promote their causes on who is getting the moral high ground on fixing the problem.

We see pictures and articles of victims being abused from all over the world and comparisons drawn in our media and politicians on what religion they are and what culture they are and how lucky we are that we are good Christians neglecting to report that We, Australia, have possibly the one of highest domestic violence incidents per capita in the world with some Christian cultures promoting male dominance within the family unit. That goes under the carpet conveniently. 

We are consistently told we are a (Christian Nation). In actual facts are 61 % are of the Christian Faith in Australia, 31% either Atheist or No Religious which leaves the other 8% to all the rest. Yes 8% split up across all the other religions in the world yet if you listen or watch the spiels from the stakeholders protecting their own special patch you would believe the hoards are at our door and theirs is the only one to follow to get you wherever or whatever.

The point I am trying to make is if we continue to listen to the politicians and the churches spiel we will alway be divided on the issue of fixing domestic violence not only in Australia but world wide. 

We need a body of people not encumbered with beliefs or politics fully funded, and I do have some ideas that would be extremely controversial to go about funding that, but that’s another issue, to address domestic violence, with the assistance of our state and federal police as part of every police station in the nation, not just a part time or when needed position but full time. 

The cost of DV in dollar terms and mental health is incalculable considering the damage it does from cradle to cript to any population, so it has to start somewhere and soon as we are loosing the battle right now, ask any hospital worker or policeman. 

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