Non For Profit’s Organisations Toxic Culture.

Ever wondered why in Not For Profit (NFP) organisations often have so much infighting, one upmanship, malice, hate, and wonder why people still participate or compete to participate?Being involved heavenly over time I now sit back and view people play the games and think was I really like that? Or was this so important to me that I copped the crap or even dealt it out to some and did it make a impression or change?

It’s like the hand in the bucket analogy, stir it up, make waves, but when you leave the water settles like you were never there.

Quite often people who take on roles of influence in these organisations are retired or semi retired and after leaving the workforce and need to feel still connected in a way and taking up positions of authority in NFP’s is a way of using their skills for the benefit of the organisation as well as giving them a outlet to replace full time work.

It sounds great at first but I have seen those good intentions turn into personal power play hunger or survival and the ruthlessness of survival in the real workplace is reign-ignited.

Some cannot let go of former power and forget the people they work with do not have their hierarchy mindset and the assumed subordinates will not be bullied which then push back, and the cycle commences or continues.

So how do we stop the cycle and remain a inclusive, happy and progressive NFP??

The possible solution is setting time limits on the office bearers, 3 year maximum and then must step down from that position, break, then by all means re nominate after a agreed time.

This gives rotation of members through the system and power bases are harder to form. Yes some are skilled in certain facets of business and some not, but you are never too old to learn, that helps others regardless of work history learning new skills on the provisos they are prepared to take advice.

Interest in your NFP organisations members needs to be continually worked on like customers to your business, and services provided to keep them coming and head hunting for your new blood at the top table should never stop, as the longer people do the roles the more they feel the club owes them or they are the keeper of all knowledge.

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