Ageless Jukebox just keeps on giving. 

We arrived at the venue not knowing who was invited, nothing about the couples family but certain we were blessed to be invited and the friendship shared.As time passed our circle grew with people we knew and interaction grew as the alcohol kicked in but the pods of the inner circle of family remained in their respective spaces passing fleeting conversation over tables and visits to the hot box for finger food. 

As the jukebox churned out the default music the function was in danger of sliding into a frozen state until one of our rowdy lot at our table hit the menu button then volume button and then the atmosphere cleared.

Initially the crusty old farts faces squirmed and the customary whines of turn it down Erupted across the room but was not endorsed by the majority who seemed to be playing the wait and see approach.

With minor adjustments the volume was maintained as we moved into party games with teams mixing the participants as the table boundaries were broken.

That was the catalyst to change gear as intermingling and banter at and about the young hosts history. Personal exploits and habits exposed made great script as the players shared each other’s experiences with the couple socially and professionally.

As that phase was completed the amalgamation of the audiences was cemented with the return of the volume button cranking out the hits of ages, igniting the memories of the young and old on makeshift dance floors between tables and chairs.

The night was alight, people sang, danced, shouted and laughed loudly with total abandon, like we did when young.

Conditions did apply though, strict conditions, conditions that totally banned Facebook applied. 

How ironical and sad is that request when people’s privacy request needs to be made?

Anyway As expected they poured me down the steps, into the car and off to bed waking this morning decidedly slow with new hip and lung capacity ringing protest but what a night to remember. 

My best mate and me dancing like teenagers at 66 and 70 as the Jukebox pounded, the absolute unconditional devotion the engaged couple radiated. All simple and so important 

So thanks Old Jukebox for just being you.. 

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