Keeping your Job 

With every administration comes culture some good and some bad and that culture trickles down to every employee in the organisation regardless of what level they are at.As we march to the polls in Ipswich too are being fed trickle down facts, rumour and innuendo from various news sources, our loyal council employees are wedged between the legalities of sub judiciary, and on going investigations.

Often in situations like we have presently we forget that our public servants have to abide by the culture or loose their livelihood, and that is a daily decision to those who prize their professional integrity.

Not all will be called to the bench for evidence, fewer will whistle blow and risk public judgment, so the vast majority will just go home a keep their experiences private for the sake of their careers and live in hope of better days ahead.

They say a fish rots from the head down and my question is how much did the rest of the inner council and councillors know about that culture and why did no one stand up? 

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