Legislate to Designate NBN a Essential Service.

Any body who has been landed with the job of selling a car with a free bumper bar must feel sorry for Bill Morrow CEO of the NBN.The Super Cheap version he has been tasked to roll out combined with the telcos all clambering to make a buck does nothing to install faith of any new or existing customer. 

Too many players, and too many agendas all trying to split the profits. 

Is it not time to just stop and remind ourselves we live in a vast country, distance is a critical factor and so is delivery of services like health, banking, business and telephony are in the national interest which may shock some gamers and movie watchers.

History reveals when the government repealed the law which declared communication supply was a essential service the quality of service and delivery crashed from a world top five network into a bun fight to supply that car with a free bumper bar.

Privatisation of the national network is now a proven failure to service quality and cost, the exact things our politicians told us would be cheaper and better, so I feel it time to stop making excuses and give the nation back its network and remember it you build it correctly the first time it will last a life time. That was the proven principal we built into the copper technology. 

Enough Said. 

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