The North Korea Sand Pit Delema 

So Trumbles and the Wrestling Ringmaster are going to have a meeting of minds on what to do with child who misses his medications and wants to play war games in the sandpit. This kindergarten is real life unfortunately and we have to ask how we got to this point. 

Obama’s strategy was to starve Jong of oxygen, ignore his rants, feed the press minimal but calculated chook feed, then manage the situation via military intelligence and from the closest allies.  

In comparison Trump plays the bully boy card and the sandpit erupts into who has the biggest toys while Trumbles plays the galah squawking if the teacher is coming to get his seed for the day. 

The fact is North Korea is a failed state, it’s people are starving, no money for anything other the the military, so any sanctions will only take more from the masses while the elite just rob the state.

Any attacks, the elite will survive and the masses become fodder, regardless, and no they won’t stop unless the leader grows out of the sand pit or removed and sent to the naughty corner. 

The bully will always be the bully regardless so it can only be solved by the teacher who must take the toys off both and put into detention.

That’s where Trumbles and Mr. Potato Head comes in. Both children put on Manus quarantined from the rest of the world, sentenced to playing children only play station games. 

Then and only then can the World hit the reset button. 

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