Australian Rugby in self  inflicted Freefall 

I suppose I look at things a little different from the rest but my football career was based on performance. You performed you got payed, you didn’t you got the sack or on the transfer list.Apparently in Rugby Union that policy does not exist, especially in the coaching position.

You can send a nation into free fall down the rankings list and still hold your job, yet the previous coach was dismissed for micro managing a side and maintaining discipline while its world ranking stayed respectable.

Obviously the brains trust was in favour of the opposite, allowed the has beens in and we are all suffering the embarrassment. 

This is not a player issue, this is a cultural issue that needs to be irradicated if we want the Wallabies back on the world stage. 

Yes, as under Mackenzie the Fox Sports commentators should not be part of the selection process, and that in itself will make it hard for any one outside the “club” to get support especially if there is not a Australian coach selected. 

Like Western Australia Force if your not on the Eastern Seaboard below Queensland you are a parasite that has to be endured by the rugby blue bloods. 

Well the blue bloods have sent rugby to its knees, transformed the national anthem singing crowds to a karaoke night out with suits behind the desks in blue suits telling each other how good they were. Sickening stuff to the loyal fan who’s team has been hijacked by a mob that can’t even manage a shave let alone a professional unit fitting national status. 

The players deserve better, the supporters deserve better, so rugby should follow footballs code, advertise for a world class coach who can pick his own managment team and let him go for 3 years minimum. 

What to do with the karaoke team on Fox? Not much really, just appreciate the older they get the better they were and keep the old tunes replaying while they tell jokes and laugh at them themselves. 


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