Climate Change Scares off the Autocrats

Born in 1950, I’ve seen how we have progressed from science, medically, industrially, socially, and seen how our standard of living progress at the speed of light.

I’ve been blessed having leaders the standard of Whitlam, Frazer, Killen, Daily, and many others not necessarily of my political beliefs but people with leadership qualities, so when I hear or read old men such as me run away from the hard questions the young or younger ask , then take up the autocratic pose when the hard truth are spoken it a attempt to bully, it goes against the standards we were taught in our youth. That’s what separates Australians from the rest,

So when I see the present so called political leaders refuse or run from answering questions on causes real life tragedies like the fires that are devastating our country, or other weather events totalling dodging the elephant (Climate) and highlighting on what they are doing for the “result”not the “cause” then and throw in a few biblical quotes for affect.

We’ve seen this strategy played out hundreds of times in America after a gun massacre and no one is allowed to question the cause at the time as they regard it disrespectful to the dead or injured and its duly forgotten till the next blood bath and the politicians cower down to the interest groups who give them their leather seats

Well this time it’s changed I reckon. The youth in this country will not be conned by the corrupt establishment any more, and nor will the media. Proactive instead of reactive action is the order not the request and if it’s too hard for those on office they will be removed as the ground rules have changed, and the more governments try to oppress or dismiss the bigger the push becomes.

Yes “the times they are a changing”as Dylan wrote and its the political parasites who have to move over and leave it to the real leaders who care about the people not conglomerates.

Our Electorates HiJacked by Big Business

The behaviour of federal government in the past month has disgusted many Australians particularly with the removal of the PM and the treatment of women has done nothing to encourage faith in the way our country’s direction is heading.

Now with the disclosure of how our PM was removed is nothing new as the media barons have boasted they have to power to change governments and again they decided it was time for Turnbull to go and let the dogs out on, and the southern shock jocks and Sky after dark did their thing and the politicians followed their orders accordingly.

Is that the democratic way to run our country or have we come down to letting outside influences who have vested interests to protect decide who is in charge?

Has the electorates voice been hijacked by big business or the real question is have we adopted the attitude of “ I’m all right mate it doesn’t effect me”?

That i suggest is the exact state of mind that allows the rich and powerful to take control of our society.

When our PM’s have to wear name badges when meeting other leaders we have sunk as low as our Wallabies on the world credibility rankings and it’s up to all of us to take back and reset our country’s course back to what matters, helping all Australians up, not trickle down.

We must not Go the American Road.

Timeline : 29th August 2018

Country of Origin : Australia

Status of Writer : Citizen of the 🌏 and a Labor Party non factional member.

After watching a Government in Australia eat itself over ideology in the past week and the aftermath still developing I’m turning my attention to America to get a sense of what we do not want to end up like.

At home we saw a truely Conservative Political Party the Liberal National Party declare war on itself and mix spew vengeance of the past with a coalition of big coal, climate denial, renewable energy hatred, White Australia, religious bias, inflamed with a ambition to get the nation as far right as is the Murdock Press has America.

That is not the place I want to see my country go and I, bias as I am I hope we do not go or even get to the point America has itself now.

It’s not brain science that Trump is not a healer. His modus operandi is to divide a conquer. Attack and counter attack and only compromise is after you feel you have won. That mixture I translates to his supporters his base and the end always justifies The means. Morals, traditions and etiquette and ethics are collateral damage and taken as part of the business of the Trump reign.

Facts are for every action their is a reaction, political or social a response will occur be it now or later, planned or unplanned it will happen.

My view is as follows and I hope sincerely I am wrong but I think America is well on its way to civil unrest never seen since their historic Civil War.

The political aware population has its position Red or Blue in concrete, and the fight for the foot soldiers is in the hands of the media proper gander outlets to spin the tale but the fact is the respect of law the lawmakers, even the polls have been so discredited the social fabric of American Society is disappearing before their eyes.

If and when Trump goes his base will not accept the democracy decision. Fact. The encumbered will be deemed fraudulent and that’s when all hell will break loose. The person who inherits the poison challis will need to be a healer not a splitter and that may not be enough to feed the frenzy as the fanatics will take to the streets and we all know the end result and it will spread like the plague.

America needs a safety valve release now and cease feeding the divisions but I’m afraid Trump does not have the mental capacity to realise where this is going to end. He lives in his own bubble, listens to his own media, a classic narcissist.

Whatever he thinks is achieving in trade the and American credibility is suffering worldwide which to his supporters is fine but the I’m of the belief America is building a wall a watertight wall right around America and the rest of the world will watch as a great nation drowns in its own social divisions, and that what I do not want to see in my country ever.

Can You sort the Wheat from the Chaff?

No wonder the punters are totally sick of politics after the performance of the federal government of late but strap yourselves in as their will be more rot to come.

Bi elections and speculation of full federal elections will flood our airwaves but as painful as it will be we must be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

We will be subjected to fear campaigns on migration, climate, climate denial, religious freedoms, dole bludgers and the budget.,All the old tired cliches will be dragged out expecting us to swallow the baits again.

Its quite clear even the the most disinterested person the coup backed by the ultra right owned by big coal supported by the media barons saw fit to remove our PM. but was foiled by shear mathematics of democracy. The plan to hijack government was poorly executed by ideological thugs,ego driven with no regard of what our decision was at the polls.

We saw Rudd/Gillard fiasco 5 years ago and by giving the grass roots of the party a say stability has occurred much to the irritation of the same media that supported Turnbull’s demise.

Sooner or later we must get away from electing any PM by personality only. We have to look at who has the skills, be it black or white, male or female, who will. come equiped with policy that will help all Australians from the bottom up not top down.

The fixation on media cycle politics is destroying good sound government and someone has to put the media back in their rightful box ,a role to keep them honest and report the story and not be part of it.

The Sub Editors Cut…

The Fish Rots From the Head Down.

Where are we headed.?

We as a nation have accepted the genocide of people trying to escape persecution treating them as invaders, we see our aboriginals cultures slowly be decimated for non conformity, we allow our churches to protect and hide known pedophiles and when caught out protect them then do everything to stop full compensation while their hierarchy’s bath in gold.

America withdraws from The Human Rights Council as it caught doing what the Nazi did separating mothers from children as a punishment, as we watch Israel systematically crush a civilisation with the blessings of our gutless leaders too scared stand up for what they must know is wrong but choose to ignore it for political or monitory gain.

Who is asking the hard questions, who is putting the alternative point of view? Certainly not main stream media. Are They are lapdogs to the system and I wonder where is the journalistic ethics taught in their diplomas gone?

The standard you choose to ignore are the standards you accept.

Public opinion still has power but people need to be informed and that information is power and as we are witnessing the attack on the ABC for questioning government. Thats their job. All governments dislike scrutiny and attacking the ABC messenger is par for the course whoever is in power.

Please ask yourself now if this trend continues, what type of a society will we leave our grandkids.?

They went to war to save us what we are seeing and accepting now as the new normal, or is it just too hard?

I don’t accept the present standard, do you?

The fish rots from the head down.

Edited extensively in the QT.

Russian Diversion Smokescreens Home Woes?

It seems quite amazing that when everything that’s happening in the world the western media and politicians is pointing the finger at Russia.

The ongoing saga of the Trump election, the bombing of Syria, the poisoning’s in England all yet to prove hard evidence yet we are only hearing from political spin which I feel has a agenda to smokescreen what is happening in the particular nations home fronts that are the loudest.

Trumps issues are a daily circus in progress where if he can keep diverting attention from accountability personal and political his thinks he can dumb down the world as he has Americans.

Theresa May with her government struggling on Brexit and other fronts needs diversion to take the heat off her government and performance.

Now the Syrian catastrophic situation as descended into a blame game that suits the political ideological philosophy of insinuations being carful not to include allies like Israel who are sending planes and bombs allegedly.

Meanwhile here in Australia we got on the bandwagon and expelled a few Russians but not after a very interesting presser from the Russian Ambassador in which he exhausted the media contingent of questions, forcing Bishop into a counter presser never seen before in diplomatic protocols in this country.

It’s important we do not sleepwalk into thinking our allies have Australian interests as a core value. We are a political tool to the crumpling former world dynasties and we are expendable as Trump, May,Turnbull and Assad struggle keep relevance and political survival on their respective home fronts leaving Russia not a cleanskin but a great diversion..

The Embarrassing Turnbull Trump Junket

Probably the only success in the Turnbull visit to Trump was Trump remembered his name.

It was the most grovelling exhibition of photo shoots, back slapping, scripted mate ship monologue embarrassing any fair dinkum Australian.

Some may say that all any visit by any politician to America has the same script, but I feel this one should have laid out our priorities in a much firmer fashion if Australian interests were at the forefront and the reason for the junket.

America’s is riding on a very heated economy with debt over 22 trillion dollars and rising while Malcom’s and Tony’s debt truck has turned into a Acland coal train and the lenders are going to want repayment.

With lending rates minimal, wages stagnant, any upward movement will decimate those who have overcommitted or over borrowed, so this fantasy of how corporate tax cuts in both countries is our saviour is just flawed political ideology.

Imagine interest rates returning to 5% accompanied by inflation what damage that would do to all those who are in new homes struggling now?

The hypocrisy of the entire Trump trip was tipperfied when Trump demanded we contribute to patrolling Chinas sand island expansion while he ignores Israel’s expansion into Palestine and we choose to stay silent.

We in the Asian Pacific can not rely on Trumps America. We have to tighten alliances with New Zealand and forge new trading partners as when that balloon busts in America and it will , we have to have a government that has the skills to guide us through with policies that are people based as the corporates will be too busy concentrating on saving their Mercedes.

One Law Stands on Citizenship. 

 Watching the high court decision fall on the politicians who broke the law, therefore claimed false wages and conditions and wondered if they were just average employees or dare I say trade unionists or Centrelink recipients would this government have commenced recovery proceedings if not fraud charges before the end of the day. Some surrendered while others denied to the death and hoped. 

Genuine mistakes, ignorance, poor research or blame mummy and daddy all excuses that are used daily by kids in primary school.

The facts are these people were paid by us to do a job they were not qualified to do. Made decisions they were not legally qualified to do, and if they were tradesmen or professionals they would be charged accordingly.

So the test is will common law, the law that applies to normal everyday Australians be applied to those who see themselves exempt due to the fact their political party failed to comply on accepting their nominations.?

Will they charge the law or introduce a whoopsie legislation only for them?

They didn’t do it when they cut health cards and chased alleged overpayments for the Centrelink, in many cases that was proved governments computer interfacing errors, but that’s a different class of people in our society isn’t it ? 

One law for all and no get out of jail free cards please. 

The North Korea Sand Pit Delema 

So Trumbles and the Wrestling Ringmaster are going to have a meeting of minds on what to do with child who misses his medications and wants to play war games in the sandpit. This kindergarten is real life unfortunately and we have to ask how we got to this point. 

Obama’s strategy was to starve Jong of oxygen, ignore his rants, feed the press minimal but calculated chook feed, then manage the situation via military intelligence and from the closest allies.  

In comparison Trump plays the bully boy card and the sandpit erupts into who has the biggest toys while Trumbles plays the galah squawking if the teacher is coming to get his seed for the day. 

The fact is North Korea is a failed state, it’s people are starving, no money for anything other the the military, so any sanctions will only take more from the masses while the elite just rob the state.

Any attacks, the elite will survive and the masses become fodder, regardless, and no they won’t stop unless the leader grows out of the sand pit or removed and sent to the naughty corner. 

The bully will always be the bully regardless so it can only be solved by the teacher who must take the toys off both and put into detention.

That’s where Trumbles and Mr. Potato Head comes in. Both children put on Manus quarantined from the rest of the world, sentenced to playing children only play station games. 

Then and only then can the World hit the reset button. 

Ducks and Jelly Backs

Not often all the ducks line up in politics but the Gay marriage timeline has certainly got them running, but we’re not sure who are the getting behind.Pyne’s leaked opinion has sent them all into their respective camps reigniting the factional and ideological factions differences among the Coalition. In fairness some of the Labor and minor parties share same views, but the overall majority agree we should take the step to legalise and put it behind us. 

The logic we are expected to swallow is a referendum which in fact will take on a election campaign status funded by us the taxpayer and then supported by the opponents costing the nation millions of dollars which will only magnify the opinion divide over months yet not change the outcome, or we can let our parliament do its job and vote non partisan. 

This government can send our nation and our kids to war on a minutes notice without a referendum yet they Bork at a decision that effects two people marrying. 

Media quotes memorable timelines like Howard Gun Control decision, Rudd’s Sorry, but I’m afraid if this is not sorted it will go down as Jelly Back moment for this PM 

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