ABC fights Dumb Down Strategy. 

“Don’t you Worry about That” should stick in the mind of every Queenslander when a precious politician attacks the ABC as that was the spiel that we all were expected to believe as corruption flourished in our state and exposed by 4corners Moonlight State. It’s ironic in a world where the word transparency is used as a reason to be confident of the elected, however when it is used by the ABC it becomes a reason to ban them from press conferences or cut funds so they can’t ask uncomfortable questions. 

This tactic highlighted by Trump dumbs down the public intentionally and that’s where they want us. Only feed us what we need to know and feed the networks that play their game. 

If the public broadcaster is the outlet that steps outside the club that’s good for the sake of transparency, but it’s quite clear investigative journalism is not a priority in the land of commercial broadcasting in Australia. 

We do not want to go down the road of “he who pays the piper calls the tune” in our media culture, we don’t like the chicken pellets thanks.

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