America is Drowning.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to witness history being played out in real time especially when it’s a nation that is descending into self destruction.

The once keeper of free world standards has set about dismantling its legal system, it’s social justice system, even its democratic and constitutional base to appease a president with a vocabulary level and word count that of a Grade 6 Australian child.

This nation has been dumbed down to a point where professional people with a lifetime of experience in international protocols, law, and other civic experiences have surrendered or been dismissed in favour of people who respond to a tweet, and the sad thing is it only going to get worse.

I have no political allegiance to any party in America but when it’s decisions effect my country I will weigh in, and I’m afraid if we do not highlight the descendency we will follow as we have done in its ascendancy of the past. Comparisons of cultural standards, populations are far apart with the base standard of illiteracy in America equals our entire population, Flat earth believers, one in 6 equals , the population of several states here, and our Medicare is regarded as something out of a communist propaganda book that they can’t read anyway but Fox tells them so.

Most of both houses of government qualify for Nursing Home status not Governing status and the simple fact the are prepared to sacrifice their youth in military conflicts around the world lends credence to nepotism of the upper classes to retain power and money regardless of which side politics you follow. It’s a great plan, even if they do survive they are heroes for a day then abandoned as they were conscripted without formal education past basic stuff. Keep them dumb and feed them bullshit and give them a flag in hand or on their coffin. GBA.

As I watch this self demise I’m not sure if America can ever return to a status the world respects as it turns inward and I can see its trending on building a wall a watertight wall around America but then it will drown in its own sewage.

Wayne Offer

Israeli Victim Card Overstated and Overplayed.

Why is it every time we see troubles in the Middle East, Gaza in particular Israel is always reported as the victim?

I saw people waving a flag shot by snipers, people running away shot in the back, yet Israel was defending itself from protesters unarmed protesters. No Israeli casualties reported.

Yes, Palestine does retaliate as Israel continues to expand and its become more evident Israel is not part or just plays lip service to any two state solution and Trump has supported that ideology within his embassy shift.

Make no mistake the move of embassy secured funding for his Republican Party and Netanyahu knows money reins supreme, and action the rest of world would regard as terrorism can be bought off by the threat giving or withdrawing currency, media outlets included.

If in any other place this latest Trump/Netanyahu decision outcome would be described as a massacre, but media outlets chose to totally downplay the deaths and show the nationalistic images of celebrations of new beginnings.

Ironical isn’t it thats exactly what Hitler did as he expanded.

Yes We Can. It has to start Somewhere. 

The absolute waste of lives the world has witnessed in America again has brought on the comparisons of gun laws internationally as politicians grapple to assure us we are safe under their care. That debate is lost in America after Sandy Hook when children were slaughtered and every American sat on their hands and left it to the politicians, the same ones who’s lively hoods depend on the NRA for endorsment. 

The simple facts are Americans kill each other at a higher rate than they have inflicted on any nation in the theatre of war, so the actual outcome is America is devouring itself from within, and they cannot see it let alone do anything about it. 

Gun sales will soar as the internal terror rate rises as they spiral downward as a society, while any person outside who tries to consume the logic and has the gumption to say it is branded a fake news left wing crackpot. 

Resolution will never come while people from both sides profit from the divide as its money not lives that matter in America so if that’s the case we as Australians could make a stand for the potential victims and not travel or spend on American product.

That won’t happen will it, but then we would be the same as them when it comes to sticking to our guns when we know what should happen and have the guts to do it. 

“Yes we Can.” Australia./World? 

 ABC fights Dumb Down Strategy. 

“Don’t you Worry about That” should stick in the mind of every Queenslander when a precious politician attacks the ABC as that was the spiel that we all were expected to believe as corruption flourished in our state and exposed by 4corners Moonlight State. It’s ironic in a world where the word transparency is used as a reason to be confident of the elected, however when it is used by the ABC it becomes a reason to ban them from press conferences or cut funds so they can’t ask uncomfortable questions. 

This tactic highlighted by Trump dumbs down the public intentionally and that’s where they want us. Only feed us what we need to know and feed the networks that play their game. 

If the public broadcaster is the outlet that steps outside the club that’s good for the sake of transparency, but it’s quite clear investigative journalism is not a priority in the land of commercial broadcasting in Australia. 

We do not want to go down the road of “he who pays the piper calls the tune” in our media culture, we don’t like the chicken pellets thanks.

When will America Stand Up Australians ask? 

Remember Today, it’s a Elvis, John Lennon, JFK, moment.I woke up to hear the President of the United States, the leader of the free world give the Nazi’s a free pass, justification for demanding white America .

I’m bloody Australian,my roots are from all over the world, I grew up post WW2 in Australia, I learnt from a history book of experience working in a shipyard at 15 with immigrants from all over the world living about a mile from the shipyard at Yungabar hostel, their first landing place in our country.

I learnt from the victims of Hitler directly. I saw the hope of a new life, something I took as granted and often shared that hope with them when they left the yard and took up jobs and professions they had done before invasion.

So when I see groups anywhere in the world mimicking the Nazi movement I cringe,even more when I see a world leader treating them as equal to any dissenting group, justifying their actions. 

Trump owes them and other extreme groups for his election and after today is quite clear they called in the debt, and Trump responded in his true colours.

Any we can waffle on with our opinions from a far land but it’s up to Americans to get off their arses and get rid of him or he will drive their country into another Civil War as after today he has justified rasism, bigotry, murder, street violence as a 2way street. 

They call him Mr President. That title should be withdrawn by the media and the people as respect for those who have gone before. 

But do they have the guts to do it or will the procrastination continue?

Someone has to stand up America, is that person you?

The world awaits. 

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